How to Pack Your Motorcycle Bags for a Long Trip

Planning to take a road trip with your motorcycle? If you’re going to be hitting the road for several days or more, you need to take care to pack correctly. Whether you’re heading out for a weekend getaway or a lengthy vacation, it’s important to pack accordingly.

What are the best techniques for packing your bags on your motorcycle? Read on to learn about the best motorcycle long trip tips to make sure you’re bringing everything you need for an enjoyable journey.

Pack with balance in mind

The most essential tip for packing bags on a motorcycle is to keep the load balanced. If you’re traveling with heavy items, position them as low and as far forward as possible. Make sure the load is balanced on the left and right sides of the bike. For example, put lightweight items like a heated vest, gloves and a jacket in the front compartment for easy access in case of weather changes, and place heavier things in saddlebags on the sides.

Bring the bare essentials

Storage space comes at a premium on motorcycles, which means you need to be selective about what you’re bringing on your trip. If you’re riding long distances, you should bring a few changes of clothing—bringing some detergent allows you to wash them as you go, if you have access to laundry facilities. Traveling as a couple? As a general rule, take half the clothes and twice the money you think you’ll need for the trip.

Develop a packing and storage system

You can make packing much more efficient by creating a system to help you quickly find the things you need to access. Try to pack your bags by category. For example, have one bag for tools, another for toiletries, another for clothes and so on. Keep things you know you’ll need to grab and use regularly at the tops of the bags, and always keep water-sensitive items in plastic bags—no matter how rainproof your motorcycle bags claim to be, adding some extra protection never hurts.

Protect valuables

Keep valuables like cash, pricy electronics, watches and jewelry in locked compartments as you ride. While you should only bring the bare essentials for your trip—especially if you’re traveling long distances—you’re going to need money and essential documents like your driver’s license no matter where you’re going. Make sure all important items are locked in a space that only you can access.

Check luggage frequently during your rides

As you travel, stop and check your luggage regularly throughout the journey, as loads could have shifted as you drive. Make sure the luggage straps have stayed tight and that nothing’s shifted or settled enough to get in contact with a hot muffler.

Follow the motorcycle long trip tips above to ensure a safe, pleasant journey whether you’re heading for a weekend escape or a cross-country tour. Want to make the most of your time on your bike? Learn more about the best ways to travel by motorcycle by contacting Escape Eagles today.

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