Rental FAQ

What are the requirements to rent a motorcycle?

-you must be 21 years old
-you must have a current, valid motorcycle drivers license.
-you must have a major credit card

Does the insurance come with the rental?

-Yes, the insurance for the motorcycle is included in the price

SLI Coverage: SLI is additional liability insurance over the state statutory limit. SLI provides you with up to $ 300’000 (Nevada minimum included in our insurance is 15’000) total excess liability insurance for damage to other persons and $50’000 total excess liability for damage to other property (Nevada minimum, included in our insurance is 35’000). $ 6.95 each day

PAI/PEI Coverage: Accidental Death provides 24 hour accident protection to the primary renter (100’000) and their immediate family (Passenger 10’000) traveling with, for a death while traveling during the entire period of the Rental Agreement. Passengers are protected only while in, boarding or alighting from designated vehicle. Personal Effects Coverage (max 525.00 with 25.00 deductible) provides limited coverage for your personal belongings from loss or damage caused by theft, damage, or accident to your rental car. Personal Effect Coverage provides reimbursement for the actual cash value of the items subject to certain maximum, deductibles, limitations and exclusions. $6.95 each day

Does Nevada have Helmet law?

-Yes, Nevada has a helmet law. All motorcycle riders have to wear a DOT proved helmet.

What does a rental include?

A motorcycle! Your choice from a new model Harley.
Every rental includes:
-unlimited mileage
-Helmets (rider and passenger)
-Cable Locks
-24hours emergency contact number
-Secure storage for your luggage

Do you recommend a reservation?

Yes, to make sure that we have the bike you want, at the time you want.

How do I make a reservation?

First, send us a rental request. Tell us when you like to rent, how long and what kind of motorcycle. You will receive a reply with a Quote within 24 hrs. then you can call us and provide your credit card information and with this your reservation is final.

What are the cancellation policies?

Rental deposit:
We request a $ 50 reservation deposit for each rental day and per bike. This holds the motorcycle for you only. The deposit is part of the rental price and the balance is due when you pick up the bike.

Cancellation Policy-
The reservation must be cancelled 14 days in advance of the scheduled rental date for a refund of the deposit. If you cancel within 14 days, the deposit will be a rain check for a future rent. If the reservation is cancelled for any reason within 48 hrs of the scheduled rental date the total price of the rental will be forfeit.

Do you charge a security deposit?

No, we don’t charge a security deposit.

Do you provide riding gear?

Yes, we have leather jackets for rent. Bandanas and sunglasses are for purchase.

What happens if the motorcycle breaks down?

Our motorcycles are in top shape and under regular circumstances, you are not going to be in trouble. If you have a breakdown or any trouble, you give us a call and we will give you support. This will get you back on the road in the shortest time possible.

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