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The Best Way to Keep Your Harley Clean

Many Harley-Davidson owners affectionately refer to their motorcycles as “hogs.” Just because you might refer to your bike as a hog is no reason for it to look like a pig. Whether you ride an 883 Sportster or a big touring bike, your Harley always is happiest when it looks its best. So are those with […]

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Tips for Starting a Harley-Davidson Motorcycle

You finally got that sweet Harley you always wanted, but how do you start it? The chances are high that you’ll have to deal with a learning curve, especially if you’ve purchased one of the newer models. These are some tips for starting up a Harley Davidson motorcycle if you’re new to these fantastic bikes. […]

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Is the Harley Sportster 883 a Good Bike for Beginners?

The Harley Sportster 883 is a beautiful and popular motorcycle. Many people love its sleek design and simplicity—but is the Harley Sportster a good first bike? While there are many advantages to the Harley Sportster 883, its disadvantages might be enough to turn some people away. For example, its heavy weight is a big problem […]

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