Overcome Your Fear of Motorcycles After an Accident

You had a motorcycle accident. Your mind keeps replaying the incident. You can’t think of motorcycle rentals in Las Vegas without reliving the crash. You’re not sure if you ever want to ride again.

This is normal. Recovering from an accident is both physical and mental. Fortunately, it is possible to overcome your fear of motorcycle rentals in Las Vegas after an accident. Try the following tips to help you heal and get back on the open road:

  • Gear up: Are you familiar with ATGATT? This is a healthy motorcycle riding philosophy: all the gear, all the time. Complete safety gear should always be worn, even when you think the risk is minimal. Maintain this philosophy in your safety practices, and you’ll feel safer as you ride. Review your current gear to determine if it needs to be replaced or upgraded. If you were wearing the gear in the accident, decide if it provided sufficient protection and if it is still in good enough condition to do so in the future.
  • Heal: Be sure all physical injuries have healed before you get back on a motorcycle rental in Las Vegas. Riding again before you’re physically ready can be dangerous, and it will only result in adding to your fears. Your body must be ready first, then your mind and heart can follow. Always follow doctor recommendations for when it is safe to ride again.
  • Practice: You know what they say about falling off the horse. While it’s natural to experience some fear after an accident, it’s important to get back on the bike if your desire is to ever ride again. But you should take it slow. Give yourself time to heal mentally and emotionally. Take time to regain comfort in the saddle. Refresh your turning and braking skills before you take it back on the road. Start by riding in good weather conditions in low-traffic areas. Consider practicing in an empty parking lot.
  • Buddy up: Do you know any other motorcycle riders? Riding with a friend can make you feel more safe and secure after an accident. Ask someone with whom you feel safe to join you on a few rides as you get reacclimated to riding. If possible, choose a seasoned rider who can offer you tips and encouragement based on experience.
  • Stay humble: As you regain your confidence after an accident, it might be tempting to let your ego take over. Don’t become over Maintain safe practices. Don’t be in such a hurry to get back to business as usual that you overlook proper procedures.

Conquer Your Fear

Are you working on overcoming fear after an accident? Maybe we can help. Contact Escape Eagles for a motorcycle rental in Las Vegas. If it’s time to get back on the open road and face your fear, we have a great selection of Harley and Honda rentals available. Take it out for an hour, a day or a weekend. Contact us today to start kicking your fear to the curb.

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