How to Conquer Your Fear of Riding a Motorcycle

The open road awaits! You’d love to soar along on a motorcycle rental in Las Vegas, but something is holding you back: you have a fear of riding. Perhaps you’ve never been on a bike before, and you aren’t sure what to expect.

Rather than miss out on the great experience of riding a motorcycle rental in Las Vegas, take a few steps to conquer that fear. Here’s what to do.


No one can simply jump on a motorcycle for the first time and take off without a hitch. Riding a motorcycle takes practice and training. Learn safe and proper techniques to use while riding. Learn how to operate the bike. By starting with the basics, you’ll grow comfortable with the vehicle and how to ride it. Eventually, you’ll work your way up to riding a motorcycle rental in Las Vegas.

Part of your preparation should involve your safety gear. If you don’t have it already, obtain all the appropriate safety gear for your ride. A helmet is essential. Other items such as gloves, jackets and leg guards are also available. Do some research and get the best gear for your riding habits and setting. Knowing you are protected will help you feel safer and less fearful as you consider riding a motorcycle rental in Las Vegas.


If you’re struggling with fear, it can help to identify its source. What are you afraid of? Why is this emotion gripping you? There are both rational and irrational fears. Perhaps you were involved in or witnessed a motorcycle accident in the past. Maybe you don’t feel a particular motorcycle is safe. Consider the root of your fear and then identify whether the fear is rational (based on facts and actual possibilities) or irrational (fear with no logical reason behind it).


There are times when professional help is required to guide you through your fear. If you have been traumatized by an accident, for example, a counselor may provide the help you need to get past your incident and be able to ride again. This may take time, but you can heal and enjoy riding a motorcycle rental in Las Vegas again.

In other situations, you may simply need time and effort. It’s okay to start slowly. Be sure to use the proper safety gear and check your motorcycle for smooth operation before you ride. Choose familiar roads, slow speeds and good weather conditions to get started. This will allow you to sharpen your riding skills and gain confidence. Eventually, you’ll find that you have conquered your fear and enjoy riding a motorcycle rental in Las Vegas.

Ready to Ride?

Don’t let fear dictate your life. When you’re ready to take the next step, consider motorcycle rental in Las Vegas. Escape Eagles is here to help. We provide competitively priced rentals of Harley and Honda Goldwing motorcycles for one or multiple days. Experience the open road on a guided or self-guided tour with your motorcycle rental in Las Vegas. Reach out to us today to start conquering your fear!

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