How to Protect Yourself on Motorcycle Rides

Do you enjoy motorcycle riding? For the sake of motorcycle safety in Las Vegas, let’s review how to protect yourself when you’re on a motorcycle ride. Here’s a list of safety gear you and your riding partners should wear every time:

  • Helmet: No matter how ridiculous you think motorcycle helmets look, you should never ride without securing one to your head. Thanks to its design, this simple piece of riding equipment can save your life in the event of an accident. Whether an impact occurs at high or low speed, the force that blasts through your skull when your head hits something hard is incredible. Head injuries are also possible when riders fall off stationary bikes and do not land properly. Good helmets are affordable to motorcycle owners and rental companies—just make sure your helmet fits well.
  • Jacket: Riding jackets are more than simple fashion statements—the right one can protect your body during impact or while sliding on asphalt. Choose from leather or textile materials. Leather motorcycle jackets protect best when at least 1.2mm thick, while textile riding jackets are usually waterproof and offer good airflow. Either jacket should contain pockets in the elbows and shoulders that are ready to withstand the force of an impact. If renting a bike, ask the company whether they provide jackets, or just plan to bring your own.
  • Pants: You may not be aware that the right pair of pants is an essential piece of riding gear. This makes sense, though, since you need to protect your legs from the wind, sun and—in the event of a crash—serious injury. Landing on your knees can damage the cartilage and bones, and scraping along the road can cause gravel to be embedded in your extremities. As with jackets, the pants to wear should either be leather or textile, but choose one that offers comfort, protection and an adequate level of abrasion resistance.
  • Gloves: Don’t overlook the importance of quality motorcycle gloves. When you fall, your instincts force your hands forward in an attempt to brace your body for impact. Wear leather gloves, as they are less likely to rip apart on impact and are best for protecting your hands should you end up skidding along the road at high speed.
  • Boots: Footwear is another important piece of safety gear. Wear boots, as they protect ankles against all types of force, preventing or reducing the odds of broken bones. Consider boots that cover your shins and calves (most of the lower leg).
  • Back protector: In the event of an accident, a back protector can save your spine from serious damage. Most motorcycle jackets have built-in space at the rear of the garment to insert a back protector. Or, if your jacket doesn’t have a pocket designated for this purpose, get a standard back protector that attaches to you like a harness.

Here at Escape Eagles, we offer a selection of motorcycle rentals, and we take motorcycle safety in Las Vegas very seriously. Some gear and motorcycle insurance are included in the price of your rental—call today for more information!

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