Motorcycle Rentals in Las Vegas: Solo vs. Group Rides

Opting for motorcycle rentals in Las Vegas instead of renting a car is a fun and great way to see the city or explore the outlying areas. However, before you come to Escape Eagles to pick up a rental bike, you should consider whether you want to ride alone or if riding with others is your thing. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the advantages of solo rides and group rides.

Riding solo

You’re a lone wolf, and as such you prefer to take to the open road on your own. Many people who rent motorcycles feel the same way, and there are many benefits of solo biking:

  • Ride on your own terms: Riding solo means there’s no one to have to run decisions by. It’s your way or the highway—or, is it your way AND the highway? It is if you so choose! Go where you want, stop when you want and come back when you are good and ready. When it comes to eating, sleeping, sightseeing, relaxing and changing your mind, no one’s there to argue with you.
  • Give yourself “me time”: Whether you have a fear of traveling alone or need to get out more, riding solo is a good activity to build confidence. Getting comfortable with doing things alone, like navigating new roads and towns, dining and camping, is fantastic for personal growth.
  • Meet people: There’s a stereotype that a group of bikers is a ruthless, scary gang. This is simply not true, but nonetheless it’s what some people believe. As a single rider, others may feel more comfortable approaching you to ask questions about your motorcycle and your adventures. Riding solo gives you a lot of wiggle room to visit new friends for as long as you’d like.
  • Peace: Traveling solo on a motorcycle rental gives you time to reflect. It’s quiet, which helps your mind relax and reboot.

Riding in a group

Some folks greatly enjoy the company of fellow motorcycle riders. If you’re nodding your head at this idea, then group travel may be for you:

  • Friendship: Riding in a group means you always have people to talk with over meals and at stops. You all laugh together, share stories and experiences with one another and make memories together.
  • Get opinions: You might be more comfortable riding as part of a group not only because you have people to talk to, but because they are there to provide opinions and assistance. From directions to pit stops to bike trouble, having some other people around is a fast way to come to a decision.
  • Learning: Being new to biking can be intimidating, especially if you are still learning to ride. Group travel helps new riders feel more secure as they learn the rules of the road, as well as how to properly handle a bike.
  • Safety in numbers: Riding in groups makes you easier to see on the road. And while there’s the old saying “there’s safety in numbers,” most bikers say they feel relatively safe whether riding solo or in a group.

Solo and group riders alike come to Escape Eagles whenever they need motorcycle rentals in Las Vegas. Pay us a visit and see why!

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