Important Tips for Drivers When Sharing the Road with Motorcycles

Whether you own a motorcycle or regularly hop on a motorcycle rental in Las Vegas, the riding rules are the same. You must abide by the rules of the road and take safety seriously. Riders must also be aware of other motorists—including cars, trucks, buses and other bikers—because you can’t be watching out just for yourself.

Likewise, drivers of automobiles must drive defensively and with an eye on others at all times, especially smaller vehicles and motorcycles. The following are some helpful motorcycle safety tips and reminders for drivers:

  • Check your mirrors and blind spots: A top reason for car-motorcycle accidents is motorists not checking their blind spots before changing lanes. Motorcycles are smaller vehicles, which makes them more difficult to see while completing lane changes or merges. Drivers need to take a minute to check all their mirrors and over their shoulder and blind spots before executing a lane change.
  • Always use turn signals: A car’s turn signal informs those around it that the driver intends to turn. It’s common courtesy to put on your turn signal with enough time for everyone to see it. Only after you flick on your turn signal, check your mirrors and check your blind spot is it a good time to change lanes. If you know there’s a motorcycle behind you, activate your turn signal sooner so they don’t try to pass you at the same time you’re making a lane change.
  • Don’t pass in the same lane: What does this mean? Some drivers are unaware of the dangers that come with trying to pass a motorcycle in the same lane. Sure, a motorcycle is smaller than a car and doesn’t take up an entire lane, but treat the rider like any other vehicle—give them the whole lane. It’s the law, after all. If you don’t and you cause an accident, you’ll have to explain to your insurance company the reason why you sideswiped a motorcycle rental in Las Vegas.
  • Intersections hold dangers: A number of accidents that occur in intersections involve a combination of motorcycles and automobiles. Blind intersections are the worst, but no matter the type of intersection, both car drivers and bikers must always follow safety protocols when approaching. Come to a complete stop at red lights and stop signs, or proceed with caution through green lights. Look both ways at a stop or yield for approaching traffic and proceed slowly, while also scanning all around you.
  • Pay more attention at night: Nighttime on the road is a dangerous time for motorcyclists. To help riders stay safe after dark, remember to increase your following distance on both city streets and highways. When you notice a motorcycle, turn off your high beams, and try not to pass them when there’s only one lane going in your direction.

Whether you’re the driver of a car, semi truck, van or motorcycle, it’s important to share the road and adhere to safety rules. Contact Escape Eagles for more information about biking safely or to reserve a motorcycle rental in Las Vegas today!

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