What Are the Best Accessories for My Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Rental in Las Vegas?

You have your bike, you have your route—what else do you need to complete your motorcycle rental in Las Vegas? For the perfect ride, you need the perfect accessories. Before you hit the open road, get geared up with the following fittings:

  • Helmet: No Harley outfit is complete without a helmet. Choose from a wide variety of street helmets to ensure your safety. Pick your favorite color, style and shape to suit your personality. Don’t hit the Strip without one!
  • Tech mount: You’re probably not going to get on the road without your phone. Attach a mount to your Harley-Davidson motorcycle rental in Las Vegas for a safe, convenient place for your device. Easily follow maps and directions when your phone or tablet is securely mounted between your handlebars.
  • Camera: Would you like to capture all your Vegas adventures for posterity? Mount a camera on your motorcycle to record your ride! Relive your excursions in the future, or post them live on social media as you roll down the highway.
  • Saddlebags: What are your plans while you ride? Will you need supplies? If you plan to go far, saddlebags are a must. Choose between everything from large side cases to small pouches, depending on your needs. Easily pack a lunch or store souvenirs with convenient saddlebags.
  • Communication system: Don’t forget your headset. A Bluetooth system or other communication system allows you to safely stay in touch and enjoy entertainment on the road. Share music and easily communicate with other riders. Systems are available to fit a wide variety of helmets.
  • Backpack: Do you plan to use your motorcycle rental in Las Vegas to travel to multiple locations? If you’ll be stopping and dismounting for dining, shows, gambling and more, you may want a backpack. You’ll need someplace to store all your winnings! Be sure to try it on to test the backpack’s comfort before you select one.
  • Tie downs: If you have items that won’t fit in a saddlebag, you may need tie downs. From ratchet ties to loop straps, a variety of tie downs are available. If you have heavy items or plan to ride rough, go for heavy-duty tie downs.
  • Grips: Provide additional comfort for your ride with lock-on grips. These grips help keep your hands in place and offer extra cushioning to protect your fingers and palms. In the hot Vegas sunshine, you’ll be glad you have good protection for your hands.
  • Lock: Stop would-be thieves in their tracks. Protect your motorcycle rental in Las Vegas with a good lock. Many easy-to-use disc locks are available. Some have built-in alarms for additional protection.

Motorcycle rental in Las Vegas prepares you to hit the strip in style. Before you do, gear up with the best motorcycle accessories. Do you need more tips on what you’ll need for your bike? Get expert advice from the Harley-Davidson specialists at Escape Eagles. We’ll hook you up with the best bikes and recommend the right accessories for a memorable Harley experience.

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