Can’t Afford a Motorcycle? Try a Rental

A friend of ours recently told us a story about a young man who works for him, who was distraught that he was having his hours cut back, because he’d just bought a motorcycle, and without more hours, could not afford the payment.

While we can certainly sympathize––motorcycles are our passion, too––we think this young man probably would have been better off not buying a motorcycle that he couldn’t afford in the first place.

Today, not being able to afford to buy a motorcycle doesn’t mean you can’t ever ride one. That’s one of the greatest benefits that we see about our motorcycle rental business. People who may not be able to afford a motorcycle right now can still get to experience the thrill and speed that attracted them to motorcycles in the first place.

Here are some reasons, off the top of our head, why renting a motorcycle is a better idea than buying if you can’t afford one right now.

Youll be able to buy a better motorcycle in the future than you can now

If you can’t afford to buy a motorcycle right now, there’s no point in forcing the issue. You’ll either end up with a payment that you can’t afford in the long term, or you’ll end up with a bike that you have to settle on. One of the great benefits about renting in this situation is that you can try lots of cool motorcycles that would otherwise be outside of your price range, and you don’t have to commit to a payment plan on a motorcycle that won’t fully satisfy you.

You can try lots of bikes, but you can only buy one

When you do finally buy a bike, you’re probably only going to have money for one. Until then, another one of the excellent benefits of renting rather than owning is that it’s kind of like having a fleet at your disposal. Motorbike rentals in Las Vegas allow you to try as many bikes as you want––each with their own strengths––and therefore get a wide variety of experiences and adventures before you finally settle on one.

With motorbike rentals, compound interest won’t eat up your money

If you buy a motorcycle when you can’t afford it, you’re probably going to have to finance it—and if you’re financing it, unless you can put a lot of money down, you’re going to end up losing a lot of money in the long run on compound interest. So rather than losing a lot of money basically into thin air, with nothing to see in return for it, just rent and wait until you have the money to buy. This will actually save you money in the long run.

When you are ready to buy, you’ll have lots of experience to make an educated choice

When you are able to buy, renting will have given you the background and experience to ask all the right questions, and help you find the best motorcycle for you, and negotiate the best price. You will be at an advantage over everyone else who’s buying their first motorcycle, and when you go on your test drive, it won’t be your first time on a bike.

Motorbike rentals in Las Vegas

If you’re looking for motorbike rentals in Las Vegas, come in to Escape Eagles and we’ll hook you up. We have a wide variety of motorcycles, and you can try one out now and another later. Renting a motorbike is great for road trips, for motorcycle rallies or for just shaking things up in your life when things have gotten too boring. Come in today and get your next adventure started.

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