How to Stay Safe While Riding in Motorcycle Tours

With the High Rollers MC charity ride coming up––October 28th from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm––it’s probably a pretty good time to revisit the topic of riding safety. We’re going to have a lot of people on bikes around, as is always the case with motorcycle tours in Las Vegas, but if we all just take a couple of extra precautions we can make sure that everyone, whether they’re on a bike or not, has a good, safe time.

Our biggest aim of course, besides raising money for Project 150 and Street Teens, is that we have a good time together.

For all you experienced bikers out there, these tips will all seem obvious. This guide is mainly aimed at part-timers, and for people who are just renting a bike for the day or the weekend:

  • Don’t ride in the middle of the lane––ride on the side: To avoid debris left behind by cars, we suggest riding your motorcycle on one side of the lane, especially if it is a rental motorcycle. This is a practical tip that all riders know for staying safe on the road.
  • Be careful in traffic: For some drivers, it can be very difficult to anticipate the actions of a motorcyclist, and they can therefore become anxious and make weird decisions on the road. Just give the cars a little extra space when you can, and avoid any reckless maneuvers.
  • Double check your gear: If you don’t get out and ride very often, you always want to make sure to check your gear––your safety equipment and your bike––to make sure that everything is in working order. If you’re renting a bike, hopefully the shop you’re renting from has done a thorough pre-check; however, we suggest you give things a once-over regardless, if for no other reason than to familiarize yourself with your bike.
  • Watch out for your fellow riders: During charity events or motorcycle tours in Las Vegas, it’s pretty common for there to be lots of newbies or less-experienced riders out on the road, so don’t expect that everyone is going to know what they’re doing. Give everyone space. If you’re experienced, find some other experienced riders to ride with, and feel free to give tips to anyone who looks like they need them. Remember that a good part of the whole purpose of any big ride is to get people out who don’t ride that often and give them the chance to remember how great it is to be on a bike on the open road.
  • Stay hydrated: A long ride can be a physical strain for someone who hasn’t ridden in a long time, so make sure to drink lots of water, and to stop and eat a snack at some point to keep your energy up. You’ll be out in the elements all day, and that alone can really take it out of you if you don’t take care to keep your energy up.

Most of all, we want to encourage you to come out expecting to have a great time. And remember, we’re all here to do some good, too. If you haven’t figured out your motorcycle rental yet, hurry up before they’re all gone. Motorcycle tours in Las Vegas are a great time to get out and experience the freedom of the open road.

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