A Motorcycle Is the Perfect Road-Trip Vehicle

When it comes to taking a road trip, a motorcycle has a lot of advantages over a car that might surprise you.

Perhaps you’ve heard a story like this: Two good friends, perhaps a father and a son, rent two motorcycles and travel all across Europe—nothing but a backpack, a bike and a little bit of cash. Well, the same idea works here in America, only we’ve got more land to explore, and nicer, more luxurious bikes.

So, what makes a motorcycle such a great road-trip vehicle? We’ll tell you:

  • Motorcycles are gas efficient: You want practical? Here’s practical. You will save a ton of money on gas riding a motorcycle versus driving a car. Your motorcycle can easily get two to four times better mileage (depending on the bike you rent, and the car you normally drive, obviously), meaning that on long trips you have more money to spend on other stuff.
  • Motorcycles can maneuver through narrow streets: A lot of America’s coolest towns have narrow streets in their downtowns. If you’re in a car it can sometimes be quite stressful trying not to clip someone’s mirror door when they get out of a car parked on the side of the road and surprise you. But if you are on a motorcycle, it’s quite easy to navigate safely through these narrow roads.
  • Motorcycles can park anywhere: Finding parking is one of the greatest advantages of having a motorcycle! We’re kidding, of course, but only a little. All the really great reasons for having a bike have to do with the freedom and the exhilaration of being on the road, but we have to say, it is pretty excellent not to have to worry about parking when you’re somewhere new. It means you can just focus on what matters: having fun.
  • Motorcycles can store enough for a weekend trip, or can tow trailers: Modern motorcycles have better storage options than you think. Pack your suit, pack your shaving kit, whatever you need. If you want to go on a really long trip, there are lots of tow behinds that can give you additional storage options. Harley-Davidson motorcycle rentals in Las Vegas are especially roomy.
  • Motorcycles transform a trip you’ve taken a thousand times into an adventure: And really the best reason of them all is just––why not? Turning your car trip into a motorcycle trip turns a chore into a story you’ll tell again and again. Experience the open road, the sun on your shoulders, the roar of the engine and the exhilarating speed. And these days, anyone can have a motorcycle adventure, as there are such a wide variety of short-term rental options available.

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