How to Enjoy Traffic While Riding a Harley-Davidson

Nobody likes being stuck in traffic, especially if you were expecting to feel the hot breeze of the open road. For many motorcyclists, high traffic volumes can be dangerous as well as annoying. Staying safe while riding should be the top priority for any biker. Procuring a motorbike rental in Las Vegas is a great way to gain valuable experience riding a cycle in traffic.

Even in the most remote locations, traffic can strike for a variety of reasons. Being stuck while riding a motorbike, however, is almost always preferable to being stuck in a car. If you find your journey across the desert slowed to a halt, here are some simple steps that can keep your ride safe and enjoyable:

  • Plan for the worst: Every cyclist knows that the motorbike operator is almost never to blame for a collision. That’s why you should always assume that you are practically invisible to every car driver out on the road. If a car is driving alongside you, make sure that you have a viable path of exit!
  • Ride in open lanes: If you are on a crowded freeway, you should either attempt to drop behind or pass up in front of the line of cars. When cars cluster together on the road, it can make it more difficult to see a cyclist. Additionally, drivers may be acting more defensive because of the traffic.
  • Keep your brakes ready: Your hand should be ready to pull your front brake at a moment’s notice. If you are slowly drifting along in heavy traffic, it may be tempting to adjust your visor or fidget with your mirrors. You should also have your right foot ready to stamp on your rear brake at a moment’s notice.
  • Watch for left turns: Left turns, especially on two-lane highways, can be exceedingly dangerous for cyclists. A car may not see you coming and attempt to perform a left turn while you are barreling ahead. Additionally, if you are behind a vehicle that suddenly slows to perform a left turn, you may not be able to stop in time to prevent a collision.
  • Don’t forget to scan: The most important task of any vehicle operator is to consistently scan the road. This is no less true for motorcyclists than it is for car operators. If you are riding, your undivided attention should be given to the road. The radio can wait until you’re in a parking lot.

Motorbike rentals in Las Vegas provide guests and residents alike with a chance to experience a motorcycle ride in high-traffic conditions. This is a great way to expand your skillset and learn more about proper riding techniques.

Since 2002, Escape Eagles has been providing motorbike rentals in Las Vegas to both residents and guests. We are Sin City’s premier motorcycle experts. Visit us today to learn how to stay safe in traffic, and test out the ride that’s right for you. Our helpful and professional associates can give you top tips on staying safe and enjoying your ride, no matter the conditions!

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