Should I Buy a New Bike or Customize My Old One?

Motorcycles can have a sentimental allure to their owners. Oftentimes, bike riders will dump countless amounts of money repairing and upgrading their existing cycle rather than paying a similar amount toward purchasing the latest and greatest in riding technology. Deciding whether you want to customize and upgrade your old heirloom or purchase a shiny new motorbike is a challenging choice.

If you can’t determine whether you should continue working on your treasured bike or buy a new one, you should test the waters and see what modern cycles have to offer that your current bike does not. Utilizing a motorcycle rental in Las Vegas is a great way to explore the current rides that are available on the market and decide what path is best for you.

Reasons to keep your bike

With lots of work and care, most motorcycles can live forever. Here are a few reasons why you should continue investing in your current bike:

  • You know it inside and out: If you have been tinkering with your ride for a considerable amount of time, chances are, you could take it apart and reassemble it without blinking an eye. A new bike means that you must familiarize yourself with a new engine and layout!
  • You’re comfortable riding it: Every bike has its own distinctive characteristics that make it fun to ride. You know just where the clutch engages on your current cycle—investing in a new bike means that you will have to essentially relearn how to ride, and muscle memory does not die easily.
  • You’ve invested a lot into it: Chances are that you’ve already invested a not-insignificant amount of cash into your current bike. Cutting your losses may not be an option at this point. You may be better suited investing your remaining capital into customizing and improving your current ride.

Why you should upgrade

For most cyclists, purchasing a new and improved bike is the best way to go. Here are some of the benefits of buying a new bike:

  • Increased reliability: You don’t have to worry about a new bike breaking down. You may love your old clunker, but calling it “reliable” may be a stretch. You can tour with both ease and peace of mind on a newer cycle.
  • Better availability of parts: When the time comes to service or repair your bike, it is substantially easier to obtain components for newer models. With a new bike, you can skip scouring the internet for parts, and simply obtain them at your local dealership.
  • Modern electronics: Perhaps the most desirable component of a new motorcycle is the prevalence of modern electronics systems. Traction control, ride modes, anti-lock brakes and fuel injection are just some of the benefits of buying a new bike.

For more than a decade, Escape Eagles has been offering visitors and residents high-quality motorcycle rentals in Las Vegas. If you are considering purchasing a new bike, test one out here before you make your investment! We can assist you in determining which ride is right for you.

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