What Are the Signs I Should Upgrade My Electric Scooter to a Harley-Davidson?

For many urban residents, electric scooters are cost-effective and easy ways to get around town. While these devices are convenient for a wide range of applications, they are ultimately overshadowed by traditional motorcycles, such as the infamous Harley-Davidson. Taking motorcycle tours of Las Vegas are a great way to experience all that you’re missing out on by riding an electric bike!

If you are considering upgrading your electric scooter, you may be thinking about several viable replacement options. Harley-Davidson motorcycles should be near the top of your list for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Unlimited range: Electric scooters may be great for a quick trip around the block, but you shouldn’t plan any extensive touring! One of the great benefits of a gas-operated bike is its ability to be refilled at any traditional fuel pump. You can take a motorcycle for a ride and not have to worry about the status of its battery. Additionally, battery charging can be a time-consuming and frustrating endeavor.
  • Cost effectiveness: While Harley-Davidsons may require a more substantial initial investment, many people are surprised by the fact that they almost always turn out to be more cost-effective than their smaller electric counterparts in the long run. Lithium batteries are expensive, and must be replaced with some frequency to maintain good operation of an electric bike.
  • Speed: Don’t try and take your electric scooter on the highway! Taking motorcycle tours of Las Vegas is a great way to experience all of the places that your electric bike has been restricting you from visiting. You can reach your destination faster and with greater confidence by investing in a Harley-Davidson motorcycle. Freeways, highways and more will now be available for your use.
  • Better visibility: Harleys are notoriously loud. This is a good thing! The most common cause of motorcycle-involved accidents is that an automobile driver didn’t see or hear the motorbike rider in time to stop the collision. Because of the large, bulky profiles of Harley-Davidson motorcycles, they are much easier to spot, even from a substantial distance. Additionally, they can be heard from hundreds of yards away.
  • Harder to steal: Electric scooter theft is surprisingly common. Because they are so light, it is easy for criminals to simply pick them up and load them into the back of a truck. Harley-Davidsons and other full-size motorcycles, however, are so heavy that they would require a lot to simply move! Additionally, it is much easier to trace a full-size, registered motorbike.
  • Passengers and cargo: Electric scooters may be fine for a simple trip to the grocery store—as long as you don’t purchase too many goods! The space afforded to electric bike riders is frustrating at best. Even if you can fit your purchases onto your bike, the added weight may slow your ride down or strain your battery. With a full-size cycle, however, you can carry goods and passengers with ease.

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