Five Benefits of Harley Motorcycle Tours in Las Vegas

Everything looks better from one of our suggested self-guided Harley motorcycle tours in Las Vegas. Even if you are a frequent motorcycle rider, experiencing the desert from a touring bike is a vacation you’ll never forget. This is an excellent opportunity for the newly licensed and old-timers alike! Here are five benefits you will enjoy on your tour:

  • Excellent gas mileage: Even a large touring Harley gets better gas mileage than your car. Many road trips result in extensive fuel expenses, but that goes away once you board a motorcycle. You will experience up to 86 mpg, and since all our bikes are maintained regularly, you do not have to worry about issues like slow acceleration or excess fuel guzzling. This allows you to cover more miles and see the scenery without worrying about finding a gas station.
  • Being in the scenery: The desert scenery is vast, endless and unique. Many people from the lush west and east coasts feel like they are in a fascinating alien world. That is the appeal of the southeast in that you feel far from everywhere, yet can easily visit Las Vegas for a party. When you ride a motorcycle as a driver or passenger, you are not just looking out into the vastness—you are in it. There are no steel cages or windows between you and nature. Riding a motorcycle is always an adventure, and that is especially enhanced during a road trip or tour.
  • Mental and physical benefits: It is estimated that you burn 40 calories more per hour riding a motorcycle than you do driving a car. While this is not a quick weight-loss plan, it requires more physical effort to ride a motorcycle and that is good for mind and body. You also receive the opportunity to completely clear your mind from modern challenges as you drive out into the sunset and enjoy nature. Many people who take up motorcycles report that they feel better physically and are generally calmer, kinder and happier.
  • Adventure: Taking a motorcycle tour is truly a break, especially if you’ve traveled here from a region with different weather and scenery. Our self-guided tour maps include Mount Charleston, Valley of Fire, Red Rock Canyon and Hoover Dam. Even if you’ve visited these spots before, you gain a new perspective from a motorcycle that further adds to the adventure. You are free on the road and will notice things that may be overlooked when you are driving past them in a car.
  • The Harley experience: You may be an avid biker, but have never had the chance to ride a Harley. There is also a possibility that, while you maintain a motorcycle license, finances or time prevent you from owning a bike. No matter where you are with your motorcycle enjoyment, our Harley-Davidson collection and Honda Goldwing are here for you. Rent one of ours and gain your motorcycle fix. Since we carry touring models, you are guaranteed an enjoyable ride.

Visit Escape Eagles to rent a bike and learn more about self-guided Harley motorcycle tours in Las Vegas. Call us today to make a reservation.

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