Be Prepared for Your Harley Motorcycle Rental in Las Vegas

It would be extremely disappointing to show up for your Harley motorcycle rental in Las Vegas having forgotten essential gear and documents. While we can fill in for some items, there are things you do not want to forget when you pick up your bike. Otherwise, you may experience hassle while completing your rental—or left unable to rent a bike at all. Here are five items to remember before starting your motorcycle tour:

  • License: All customers must have a valid driver’s license with a motorcycle endorsement. If you are from outside the United States, you must bring an international license. In many European nations, a driver’s license is not necessary to operate a motorcycle. However, that is not the case in the U.S., so secure any needed licensure before visiting us from overseas.
  • Luggage limits: If you are planning an overnight trip with your motorcycle, remember that you do not have the same capacity as you would with a car trunk. You need to consider the space in the side and top cases or saddlebags. If you are uncertain of the luggage space offered by your model, call us first. You will face quite the ordeal if you need to ship stuff back home before hopping on your bike.
  • Gear: Bring your own gear if possible. A good-fitting helmet, gloves, leathers, eye protection and boots can save your life. It can be difficult to find stuff that fits well in a hurry, so take time to find the best-quality gear. If you do not own any gear, we offer helmets (for riders and passengers), gloves and goggles with rentals. However, you may find it takes time to find what fits you best. So, if you have it, bring it!
  • Mobile devices: If you are riding in a group, be sure you have a reliable means of communication. Most of our models have an intercom system, so that will likely be your primary way to stay in touch on the road. However, if you become separated or there is an accident, your mobile devices are the way to go. Make sure everyone brings their own; it is possible that a smartphone can be damaged in a crash and someone must have the means to call for help. Keep tablets and phones charged so you do not experience a communication blackout while on the road.
  • Your limits: Long motorcycle rides are physically taxing. If you are not in the best shape or you normally take short rides, pace yourself. Schedule time to rest or plan stops along the way to assure you aren’t driving exhausted. Never forget to stay hydrated, too. Tired riders find it difficult to keep bikes under control and do not have the best judgment. Take care of yourself first.

The unique experience of Harley motorcycle rental in Las Vegas is available to you. Escape Eagles offers six models of Harley-Davidson motorbikes and one beautiful Honda Goldwing for rent. Call today to reserve your preferred motorcycle and look forward to adventure!

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