What Makes Harley-Davidson Motorbike Rentals in Las Vegas So Amazing?

Harley-Davidson motorbike rentals in Las Vegas offer an opportunity to experience an American icon on a desert tour within and around the city. There is no doubt that Harley-Davidson possesses a well-earned reputation that imprints on the minds of all who love motorcycles. If you do not own a Harley, Escape Eagles offers you the opportunity to enjoy one without the commitment of a purchase. Here is how a Harley makes your ride amazing:

  • Its history: The story of Harley-Davidson is one of a survivor. Only two motorcycle manufacturers lasted through the Great Depression: Harley-Davidson and Indian. The company suffered ownership changes, product quality setbacks and an uncooperative economy. Despite all these barriers, it became a preference for police forces in the early 20th century, and has been a beloved American brand for more than 100 years. Renting a Harley-Davidson allows you to experience a part of history.
  • The optimal touring frame: These bikes are made for long rides. Harley-Davidson produces a heavier bike, and that limits acceleration. However, you are guaranteed stability that you will not enjoy with a lighter, faster bike. You will enjoy the smooth ride and easy handling. The desert scenery awaits you safely with an enjoyable ride you will never forget. There will be no Superbike awards, but you will make it to your destination in comfort and style.
  • The engineering marvel of the V-twin: Harley’s distinct feature is the V-twin motor. It often contains lower horsepower, but it is a higher-torque engine. You can cruise in a high gear and downshift less often, which makes touring more enjoyable. It is also known for its smoothness and fuel efficiency, which will only add to your road trip.
  • Optimal handling: Enthusiasts say you do not turn into corners with a Harley—you roll into them. Part of this is the heavier weight, and you will not feel the leaning sensation experienced with smaller bikes. You cannot take corners quickly without risking an accident, but you will complete them safely.
  • The trademark sound: The Harley-Davidson gets noticed, and the engine sound is one part of that. There is only one pin for both piston rods in these motors, and when combined with the V-Twin, the Harley produces that immortal popping sound. It is made famous on TV and in popular movies. Every rally celebrates it with a chorus of engine noise that wakes up everyone on the street!
  • The quirks: It can be difficult to adjust to quirks, but they add personality. Harley-Davidson bikes contain a different ignition sequence that frequently requires the use of a back brake. There are other quirks as well, and we are happy to give you a tour of them. They are not functional shortcomings—just unique qualities that come with this iconic brand.

Whether this is the first of your experiences or one of many, you will not be disappointed in our Harley-Davidson motorbike rentals in Las Vegas. Call Escape Eagles today to make a reservation and prepare for an experience you will never forget.

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