Be Safe During Your Upcoming Motorbike Rental in Las Vegas

A motorbike rental in Las Vegas can make your dream vacation a nightmare if you do not stay safe on the road. While you may be more casual while riding your scooter or lower-powered bike back home, touring bikes are a different matter. Follow the good examples—not the one of the rider you see in shorts, flip-flops and a t-shirt. Before you pick up your rental, secure the correct riding gear first. Here are five items that can keep you safe as you ride:

  • Helmet: State laws require DOT-certified helmets on motorcycles. These days, people rarely question the life-saving qualities of motorcycle helmets. Made to protect against pavement impacts, layers of Styrofoam reduce acceleration when you hit the pavement, which is how helmets reduce the frequency of life-changing injuries or death. Helmets should fit securely against your head but not feel like a vice against your skull. Try them on before you buy.
  • Gloves: The instinct when you fall is to catch yourself with your hands. This can prove a disadvantage on hot pavement, which is why specialized riding gloves are vital. You are not going to break this habit; the instinct runs deep. But you can reduce the chances of road rash and fractures. Fashion, work and cold-weather gloves will not work, so find gloves made for motorcycles that secure snugly at your wrist. If you need new gloves, we have some available.
  • Leathers: Your leathers are the armor against the world—especially that hard pavement. Depending on how much you wish to spend, some contain extra armor pads and others are simply extra-thick cowhide that keeps you safe. Leathers prevent road rash, fractures and even internal injury. If you are looking for a way to cut costs, this is not an area to do that. Buy the best quality leathers your budget can manage.
  • Riding jeans: By themselves, riding jeans are better than nothing. They offer more protection than conventional jeans, and some designs even contain a Kevlar lining. Riding jeans work best under leathers, as they will enhance the armoring qualities. But if you cannot find leathers that fit right or simply cannot afford them, riding jeans are preferable to wearing non-specialized clothing.
  • Boots: Even if you just started riding, seeing a rider in flip-flops results in a full-body cringe. That is an excellent way to lose toes and sustain road rash. Fortunately, motorcycle boots are not just cool, but offer excellent feet and ankle protection. Much like your leathers, you will never regret paying good money for high quality boots. They protect your limbs and offer extra stopping power and grip when you drive on gravel or slippery surfaces. Work and combat boots work great, especially if they have a steel shank through the sole.

Escape Eagles wants you to enjoy a fun and accident-free motorbike rental in Las Vegas. We offer helmets for riders and passengers, as well as goggles and gloves, with every rental, so if you are short on these essential supplies, do not let that stop you!

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