Six Myths to Abandon Before Your Motorcycle Rental in Las Vegas

There are prevalent myths that even the most skilled riders continue to believe. If you are looking for an exciting yet uneventful motorcycle rental in Las Vegas, we strongly suggest that you leave these myths at home. Here are six of them that definitely do more harm than good:

  • Drivers ignore motorcycles: There are likely drivers on the road who never think of looking for motorcycles and who will put you in danger with their carelessness. In reality, drivers do not ignore motorcycles—but they are frequently unable to see them. You can stay safer, and help drivers out, by increasing your own visibility. Keep your high beam on even during the day. Watch for glare conditions that can also hide you from drivers. If you are looking at a lane change but are unsure if you’ve been noticed, avoid the risk.
  • With the right skills, a rider can survive anything: Preparation goes a long way toward ensuring safety. However, there are some situations where your skills will not matter. If a car turns or pulls out in front of you too closely, it is unlikely that you will react quickly enough. The best way to handle such a scenario is to avoid it completely. Anticipate other drivers further down the road so you can adapt and react. Wear leathers just in case there is a crash.
  • Highways are the most dangerous: Beginning riders will go out of their way to take side streets to their destinations. In reality, however, side streets are full of opportunities for accidents. With side streets, it is easy for drivers to suddenly turn in front of you or run a light and hit you. While highway speeds are faster, there are also fewer elements that can go wrong.
  • It’s just one beer: Even indulging in one drink before you drive will put you at risk. This is especially true with motorcycles, as the exposure to the elements will make the alcohol hit your brain more quickly. Also, it is more difficult to stay safe, so even delaying your reaction time just a little can increase the chances of a crash. It is best to avoid the risk altogether.
  • Lay down the motorcycle if you are going to crash: It used to be that laying down the motorcycle was the best way to stop it quickly. Since that time, braking systems improved enough that this is no longer necessary. Hitting a car and landing on it is safer than being underneath it. There are very few incidents where being on the ground is safer than remaining upright.
  • A loud bike will save your life: There are times when a loud pipe will get you noticed. A driver who forgets to check blind spots, for instance, will suddenly become aware of you if your pipe blasts. More frequently, though, drivers suffer sound fatigue and will ignore the loudest engine sounds. Annoying them just increases this effect. Wearing bright colors or installing a loud horn is more effective than modifying your exhaust system.

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