Can’t Miss Places on Your Motorcycle Tours in Las Vegas: Valley of Fire State Park

When it comes to Las Vegas, it’s a city that never leaves visitors disappointed. It truly is a desert oasis that is one of a kind. But, what people don’t realize is that there’s so much more to Las Vegas than the casinos and dance clubs. For those of you who have been to Nevada multiple times and are now looking for the next great thing to do, check out motorcycle tours in Las Vegas!

Las Vegas motorcycle tours offer one of a kind road trips that let you see the other parts of Nevada that some people don’t even think about. One location in particular is the Valley of Fire State Park.

The Valley of Fire State Park is the oldest state park in Nevada and covers nearly 42,000 acres of land. Located 50 miles northeast of Las Vegas, the large formations of red sandstone—which are what coined the name Valley of Fire—are truly a sight to see. It’s a beautiful park that is open to the public and allows you to ride your motorcycle right through it.

If you’ve never been to Valley of Fire State Park and are looking to book your next motorcycle tour in Las Vegas, here are some of the specifics areas to stop and sightsee.

Arch Rock

Arch rock is a formation that has formed over hundreds of years due to strong winds and heavy rains. These elements slowly started washing away the materials that have held its sand grains together, and as it weakened over time, it formed a natural arch that visitors can go see today. Eventually, due to the way that it’s forming, it will become too weak in certain areas and will collapse, but until then, it’s an amazing size to see.

Rainbow Vista

Another great stop on your motorcycle tour is Rainbow Vista. Rainbow Vista is a viewpoint that is located within the Valley of Fire that, when reached, offers a view of an expansive horizon that is filled with multicolored rocks and formations, giving it the name Rainbow Vista. You can overlook all of the canyons, ridges, domes, valleys and towers located in this area. It’s truly breathtaking.

White Domes

The White Domes are another must-see item on your motorcycle trip. The White Domes are unique sandstone formations that have beautifully contrasting colors. This area of the Valley of Fire offers visitors one-mile hikes through the breathtaking terrain. The hiking trail includes caves, desert vistas, slot canyons and even a historic movie site where the movie The Professionals was filmed.

Whether you’re looking for vast hiking trails or simply an open road to ride your bike through, Valley of Fire State Park is an absolute must see. Among the three destinations listed above, there are a multitude of other areas of the park that are sure to leave you impressed. So call your local rental location today and book your next motorcycle tour in Las Vegas today!

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