Helmets Keep You Safe During Harley Motorcycle Tours in Las Vegas

It is sometimes disappointing to people from states without helmet laws to discover that they’ll have to wear a helmet when they come to Nevada for a visit. All riders in Nevada must wear a Department of Transportation-approved helmet, and that includes those indulging in our Harley motorcycle tours in Las Vegas. Rest assured that this is more likely to increase, rather than reduce, your enjoyment of touring the desert from a Harley. Here are three ways motorcycles keep you safe in an accident:

  • Neck protection: There is a common belief that helmets break necks. The opposite is true. While the impression is that the top-heavy pendulum effect of the helmet can snap the neck, it actually absorbs the energy that would otherwise cause disc injuries. The helmet also prevents a whiplash effect from landing, which also reduces the possibility of neck issues. Since the head making impact on pavement is the most common occurrence in an accident, having that extra protection proves optimal.
  • Reduces reckless riding: While there is no definitive reason why helmeted riders are also more careful, the data bears this out consistently. The reason could be psychological in that helmet-wearers ride more carefully due to an interest in avoiding unnecessary risk. It is also theorized that they have a realistic outlook and anticipate other drivers better. Another theory is that helmets provide wind and eye protection that makes visibility easier and reduces fatigue, meaning a more alert ride. No matter the reason, it is clear that head protection helps support better riding.
  • Head injury protection: Generally, when riders die in an accident even while wearing a helmet, it is due to the impact being so great that other internal injuries also contribute to death. Except for these awful, freakish accidents, helmets are very effective at helping you survive an impact. Most accidents are at low speeds, and the protection is most frequently used when you hit the pavement. You may sustain a concussion, but that is preferable to being left disabled. It is possible to heal from a concussion within weeks, but serious brain trauma can mean a lifetime of serious consequences.

When states enacted universal helmet laws, more riders started wearing helmets. With increased use, there were fewer fatalities and fewer serious injuries. Repealed helmet laws resulted in increased fatalities shortly thereafter. There is a link between laws and safety that bears out nationally.

If you are in Las Vegas and need to choose a helmet to remain in compliance with these laws, it is possible to find one that fits well. The helmet should be tight enough to not move around on your head, but not so tight as to make you feel squeezed. You can also make adjustments for your visibility preferences. This extra safety measure does not need to be uncomfortable—just take the time to assure a good fit.

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