Protective Gear For Your Harley Motorcycle Hire in Las Vegas

When you visit our city and prepare to go on your Harley motorcycle hire in Las Vegas, you may also want to seriously consider the protective gear you might need. If you already ride and have your own, there is no reason to keep it at home just because you are on vacation. While many people may dread the thought of wearing full leathers in the desert heat, it is also likely that those same seemingly burdensome garments will save your life in a pinch. It is better to be safe than sorry, so here is an overview of motorcycle protective gear for your consideration:

  • Helmet: Nevada law requires ODOT-certified helmets, and few people board their bikes without one these days. Made of precise layers of Styrofoam to affect deceleration if you hit the pavement, the helmet guards against substantial injury or loss of life. If you need to buy a helmet or use one of ours, try on a few until you find one that securely fits your head. You want it to be tight enough not to move, but not so tight that you feel your head is in a vise.
  • Gloves: If you fall, you will instinctively catch yourself with your hands, making them the first to hit the ground. No amount of mind training seems to break this habit, so it is best to protect your hands. Without gloves, you will sustain road rash and likely suffer fractures. You want to buy specialized motorcycle gloves that secure snugly at the wrist, normally with straps. Fashion gloves will not cut it here.
  • Leathers: The jacket, pants and even suit sets are your armor against a world that is not always careful around motorcycles. Some of these items even contain extra armor pads to protect you in the event of a crash. Wearing this ensemble means you are less likely to suffer road rash, fractures and internal injury. Investing in thicker, more durable materials rather than the least expensive motorcycle jacket on the rack further reduces the chance of serious injury.
  • Boots: Even those who don’t ride cringe at the sight of a rider wearing flip-flops. Motorcycle boots are not just a fashion statement—they keep your feet and ankles safe, too. They also provide grip when you’re stopped so you do not lose the bike due to a slippery surface. Work or combat boots will work best due to their superior traction, and the steel shank through the sole offers additional protection.
  • Riding jeans: While these do not offer nearly the protection of leathers, they can still be better than conventional pants. Some brands even contain Kevlar linings.

At Escape Eagles, we not only offer you a Harley motorcycle hire in Las Vegas, but our rental packages also include helmets, gloves and other safety gear for your ride. You can also rent or buy additional items from us, or feel free to bring your own. Call us today to book your rental and see what we offer.

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