Why Choose Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Rentals in Las Vegas for Your Vacation?

Harley-Davidson attracts dedicated brand loyalty among its adherents. There is an insistence that these bikes are different, but is that an accurate impression? Indulging in our Harley-Davidson motorcycle rentals in Las Vegas will help you make that determination for yourself while visiting. We are convinced that, once you take a Harley tour, you will never forget the experience. However, for those of you who need convincing, here are five reasons why this is a special brand of bike:

  • Made for touring: Harley-Davidson makes a heavier bike, and for some, that is considered a disadvantage. There is a performance penalty that arises with the larger frame. However, while lighter bikes are blown around the road or constantly move torque through your body, making the ride a jarring experience, the Harley is a steady touring vehicle that remains stable no matter your speed. You won’t win a Superbike race, but you will likely make it to your destination comfortably.
  • Beauty of the V-twin: The V-twin motor is the distinguishing characteristic of the Harley. While some models have lower horsepower (around 60), they are high torque engines. That means you can cruise at a high gear without downshifting, which can be beneficial when touring. It is a smooth cruising motor that is easier to drive in some ways.
  • Smooth handling: It is said that you do not turn into corners with a Harley—you roll into them. Part of this is the unique handling that comes with a heavier bike, and for that reason, you will not feel it lean like smaller bikes. Due to its weight, you have to take the corners a little slower, but you know you will complete your turn safely.
  • The sound: When you ride a Harley, you get noticed. Part of this is its distinctive engine sound. Like other motorcycle brands, the engine has two pistons, but Harleys are different in that there is only one pin for both piston rods to connect. This, in combination with the unique V-twin shape, gives it the unique popping sound immortalized on TV, in movies and every time there is a Harley-Davidson rally.
  • It’s a survivor: Harley-Davidson was one of two motorcycle manufacturers to survive the Great Depression. (The other is Indian, which is also an iconic brand.) Since starting in 1903, it has experienced ownership changes, product quality questions and bad economies. Yet, for 112 years, it has continued to prevail and remain a beloved brand.

Before you start your ride, we can go over some of the unique Harley quirks. The ignition sequence is different and you may find you need to use the back brake more often. These are not functional shortcomings—they are just unique qualities that come with this brand.

Escape Eagles provides Harley-Davidson motorcycle rentals in Las Vegas so you can make up your own mind about this brand as you tour the area. We offer flexible arrangements and can include additional gear with your rental. Call us today to schedule a booking.

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