Helmets and Motorcycles: A Life-Saving Combination

Do I need a motorcycle helmet? If you own a motorcycle already, you should already understand why wearing helmets is essential. The most obvious reason to wear a helmet while riding is to protect your head in the event of an accident. However, there are other benefits you should be aware of as well.

Benefits of Wearing a Helmet on a Motorcycle

According to Advocates For Highway & Auto Safety, in 2020, when helmet use was known, of the motorcyclists that were killed, 40 percent of those were not wearing a helmet. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimated that helmets saved the lives of 1,872 motorcycle riders in 2017 alone.

Here are some additional benefits and reasons you should consider wearing a helmet.

Protection From Weather

Various weather elements can create safety hazards for all motorists, motorcyclists included. However, just by wearing a helmet, you can protect yourself from these elements. For example, your helmet will keep the rain from touching your eyes and face if it is pouring rain. The rain could easily cause a distraction without a helmet and limit your visibility.

Noise & Wind Reduction

Wind can become a nuisance while driving a motorcycle. But it can negatively impact your safety as well. High winds can blow in your ears and face if you don’t have a helmet on. This could cause a huge distraction and even cause you to not hear what’s happening in your surroundings. Motorcyclists rely on their hearing while driving, and the right helmet can conserve it.

Protects Long Hair

Having long hair could be a safety risk while riding your motorcycle. If you don’t have a helmet on and have long hair, your hair could easily blow into your face, reducing your visibility. This can result in an accident.

Positive Impact

Wearing a helmet on your motorcycle sets a good example for other riders. This is especially true for those younger riders or riders that have just started riding. It is essential that young and new riders alike understand the importance of always wearing a helmet. You can make an impact just by making sure you are always seen with yours on.

Keeps Field of Vision Clear

Helmets keep debris, insects, and twigs from getting into your face and eyes while riding. Depending on the helmet you purchase, it can also keep the sun out of your face. Modern helmets you can purchase from motorcycle stores are tinted to protect from the sun. These things will do a lot regarding keeping your field of vision clear, thus preventing an accident.