Tips for Starting a Harley-Davidson Motorcycle

You finally got that sweet Harley you always wanted, but how do you start it? The chances are high that you’ll have to deal with a learning curve, especially if you’ve purchased one of the newer models. These are some tips for starting up a Harley Davidson motorcycle if you’re new to these fantastic bikes.

How To Start Road Glide Models With a Key Fob

The first step after you’re geared up to go is to unlock your fork lock. The next thing you’ll need to do is squeeze your front brakes while mounting yourself on the bike. You’ll need to insert your key, turn to the left, and then turn it to its middle position. This process unlocks the ignition.

You next need to raise the bike off its stand and use your foot to raise the side stand. Once you do this, you can activate your “Run” switch to engage the electric system. Finally, you can pull the clutch and hit your “Start” button to get in position to ride.

Resetting Your Pin

You may lose your key fob one day and worry about how you’ll start your Harley-Davidson bike. Though it’s an inconvenient situation, it won’t prevent you from starting your bike and enjoying your ride. You will have to reset your PIN and disarm the alarm system to do so. The process will be worry-free as long as you can remember your original PIN number.

Starting Road Glide Models Without a Key Fob

First, you need to turn the key to the “ignition” position and then hold your turn signal indicators until you can see five dashes appear on the odometer. You will then need to press your left turn signal to enter the first number from your PIN. Press the right turn signal when you’re ready to move on to the next digit in your PIN, and use the left turn signal to enter that number.

Use the same process for each number in the PIN. When you are finished entering your PIN number, press the indicator on your right turn signal to disarm your bike’s security system. You should now have no problems starting your vehicle and riding away into the gorgeous sunset.

Now you know how to start up a Harley that operates on a more advanced system. Try the tips mentioned above and enjoy the ride.