5 Things To Know About Riding a Harley-Davidson Motorcycle for the First Time

As a first time Harley rider, you need to be equipped with the necessary knowledge before you hit the road. Here are the best tips for riding a Harley Davidson motorcycle.

1. Wear the Riding Gear

People tend to think that they can wear anything while riding a motorcycle. However, that’s not the case regarding Harley-Davidson motorcycles. You must ensure that you’re adequately protected before starting your journey. That means wearing the right gear, including a helmet, boots, gloves, and protective clothing. You cannot ignore the right gear if you’re looking forward to having a great time riding your Harley.

2. Get Used to the Clutch and Shifting Gears

The clutch is one of the essential parts of a motorcycle, and you need to be extra careful with it, especially when you’re new to this bike. Remember, the clutch is what helps you to change gears while riding. It would be best to be very careful when using it to avoid damaging the bike. The good thing is that you can quickly get used to the clutch and shifting gears once you start practicing. The correct use of the clutch will also help prolong your motorcycle’s life.

3. Be Cautious When Applying Brakes

One of the most significant risks of riding a motorcycle is skidding. That’s why you must be very careful when applying brakes, especially when riding at high speeds. Remember, it would help if you first slowed down before you applied the brakes. That way, you’ll avoid skidding and other accidents that might occur while riding. A Harley has two brakes on the handlebars; you need to use both when slowing down or stopping.

4. Know How To Park Your Bike

When parking your motorcycle, you need to be very careful. That’s because a Harley is more significant than other motorcycles, making it hard to park. You need to ensure that you park in a safe and secure place to avoid any accidents. It would be best to avoid parking in areas with a lot of traffic. That’s because it increases the risk of your bike getting hit by other vehicles.

5. Inspect Your Bike Before Riding

Before you start riding your Harley, it’s crucial to inspect it first. You must check the tire pressure, engine oil, and other essential bike parts. That way, you’ll be sure everything is in good condition before starting your journey. It would also be best to avoid riding in bad weather conditions to reduce the risk of accidents.


These are the five things you need to know about riding a Harley-Davidson motorcycle for the first time. Remember, it’s essential to be extra careful when operating this bike, especially if you’re new to it. Ensure that you wear the right gear and take all the necessary precautions before you start your journey. Contact Escape Eagles if you’re looking for the best motorcycle tours.