Tips for Preparing for Your Motorcycle Trip This Summer

It’s getting warmer outside, which means you’ll want to take your motorcycle out more. There’s nothing better than enjoying the cool breeze while traveling down the road on your bike. You’ll want to be sure your motorcycle is properly prepared for the heat and extended use, though. This is especially true if you plan on using your bike for a long summer road trip or bike tour.

Summer motorcycle preparation is important for all bikes in Las Vegas, NV. Start checking your motorcycle for issues today, so it’ll be properly prepared for your next road trip.

Look for tire wear and tear

It’s important that your motorcycle’s tires look good before taking it on a long road trip. Worn-down tires will make your motorcycle harder to operate and are extremely unsafe. Motorcycle tires often require replacement quicker than car tires.

Be aware of when you last changed your motorcycle tires. If it’s been around five years since your tires were changed, it’s a good idea to have them inspected. You could always inspect the tires yourself, but it’s usually a better idea to have a professional take a look, especially before a road trip.

Make sure the brakes are good

If your brakes are bad, it’s probably best to reschedule that upcoming road trip. Bad brakes could result in major damage to your bike, as well as life-threatening injuries. It’s not worth the risk. Brake issues commonly occur because the brake pads need changing. This is an easy problem to diagnose and remedy. Bring your bike to a motorcycle repair shop and have them take a look. A good mechanic will be able to have your brakes changed in no time.

Some people would rather change their brake pads themselves. While this can help save money, it’s usually best to leave brake changes to the professionals. If you make any mistakes when changing your brakes, it could spell disaster.

Check your battery

Make sure your battery is going to last the entire road trip. If your motorcycle has had trouble starting lately, it may need a new battery. A multimeter will quickly tell you if the battery needs replacement. If the issue isn’t with your battery, it could be the battery terminals.

Motorcycle batteries should usually be changed every few years. Before taking your road trip, consider having the battery checked and possibly replaced.

Keep up with your fluid levels

Before taking your road trip, make sure all fluids in your motorcycle are at the right level. It’s important to check the levels of your transmission fluid, oil, brake fluid, coolant and more. Most of these fluid levels are very easy to check with a dipstick.

Bring everything you need

There’s plenty of stuff you’ll need for your summer road trip, including clothes, a first aid kit, motorcycle tools and more. Make a checklist of all the materials you’ll need, and be sure you have everything before starting down the road.

Preparing for your summer motorcycle trip in Las Vegas, NV is easy when you know what to check for. For a top-quality bike tour in Las Vegas, contact Escape Eagles today.

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