Best Sights to See on Your Motorcycle Ride in Las Vegas

Countless tourists who visit Las Vegas never step foot outside the main Strip. While there’s plenty of fun to be had at the casinos, the hidden treasures of Nevada lie just outside the city limits along the most famous motorcycle routes. Next time you’re in the area, take a motorcycle ride past these favorite landscapes.

Red Rock Canyon

Forget about the infamous Strip. Red Rock Canyon is a short 15-minute ride from the heart of Las Vegas and puts the state’s diverse landscape on full display. Rolling mountains the color of terracotta take the breath away from even the locals. The state park has 13 miles of motorcycle-worthy roads you and your friends will enjoy. This canyon is so gorgeous, you’ll want to pull over and snap a few photos while you’re there.

Valley of Fire State Park

The go-to motorcycle route for locals is the Valley of Fire. The name itself conjures visions of fiery rock formations straight out of a sci-fi movie. Tourists will be shocked to discover the Valley of Fire lies just 20 minutes outside of Las Vegas, conveniently allowing you to get the usual casino experience and a taste of what the surrounding landscape has to offer. Plus, motorcyclists can enjoy scenic views of Lake Mead along the way.

Mount Charleston

Mount Charleston is a bit farther away, but nonetheless worth the trip. Motorcyclists who visit Nevada in the wintertime might even get to see the mountain capped with snow. Mount Charleston’s chilly climate is a welcome reprieve from the searing deserts and stands in stark contrast to the rest of Nevada. Those who are feeling ambitious can ascend the mountain and end the day on a high note. The motorcycle route leading up to Mount Charleston is beautiful itself but pales in comparison to the final destination.

Jean Dry Lake Bed

Cyclists with a little more riding experience should check out the Jean Dry Lake Bed. This adventurous motorcycle ride takes you off the beaten path and across the cracked, dry floor of what once held an expansive body of water. If you’re a fan of western films, don’t let an opportunity to visit the Jean Dry Lake Bed pass you by. Chances are, you’ve already seen this lake bed on the big screen!

Hoover Dam

Tourists who want to see the best Nevada has to offer can’t miss out on Hoover Dam. The highways surrounding Hoover Dam have changed over the years, but eager motorcyclists can still get pretty close on the loop. Located just 40 miles from your hotel in Las Vegas, a motorcycle ride past Hoover Dam will give you impressive views of the colossal landmark.

You’ve got the route all mapped out—now you just have to find the right motorcycle for the trip. Look no further than Escape Eagles for bikes that are born and bred for Nevada’s toughest roads. From a trek across dry lake beds to a cruise down the Strip, our motorcycles will take you to every corner of Las Vegas and beyond.

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