Are Trikes Easier to Ride Than Motorcycles?

Trike motorcycles have risen in popularity because they have many features that two-wheelers don’t. Not least of all is better traffic visibility and a stable, smooth ride. Before you head to a Las Vegas dealership and make a purchase, you’ll need to know a little about motor trike safety to ensure this is the right fit for you.

Three wheels are more stable than two

Motorcyclists switch to trikes because they value the added stability of three wheels. Motorcycles and bikes are much the same in that both require a degree of skill in order to operate with only two wheels. Kids learn how to ride a bicycle with training wheels because it takes time to develop proper balance.

However, opting for a trike doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t have the balance for a two-wheel motorcycle. Trikes have a wider rear end to accommodate for that extra wheel, which greatly reduces the risk of getting knocked over in the event of a motorcycle accident. Heightened stability will help give you a smoother ride.

Trikes offer visibility to nearby motorists

The biggest concern among motorcyclists in Las Vegas is getting hit by cars. Motorcycle accidents most frequently occur when another person is attempting to switch lanes. Motorcycles are narrow and much smaller than a car, appearing invisible even when drivers check their blind spots. In fact, most accidents happen because two-wheel motorcycles have poor visibility.

The safety of motor trikes is a huge determining factor for those looking to add that extra wheel. Trikes are a lot more noticeable because they’re bigger, and the pair of wheels in the back closely resembles the rear of a car. When you’re on a trike motorcycle, the other people driving nearby are more likely to spot you in their rearview mirrors.

Turn slowly around corners

In addition to size and stability, adding a wheel completely changes how motorcyclists turn corners. The one downside to trike motorcycles is they’re less agile on turns, and you run the risk of lifting a back wheel if you go too fast or jerk the handlebars.

You’ll manage just fine with turns as long as you take them a bit slower. Rounding corners on a trike is similar to doing so in a car. Simply ease up as you enter the turn and engage the throttle to accelerate onto the adjacent street.

Give yourself more time to stop

Another thing to consider before purchasing a trike is that they require a farther distance to stop than a two-wheel motorcycle. Trikes weigh more and are less capable of stopping at a moment’s notice. To compensate, allow more room between you and other vehicles while putting on the brakes. Motor trike safety takes some getting used to, but after some practice, you’ll be riding like a pro in no time.

Trikes are an investment that require a lot of consideration. Motorcyclists should take one for a spin to see how they like it before committing to such a big purchase. That’s why Escape Eagles lets motorcyclists in Las Vegas choose among our diverse fleet of trikes and roam the streets during a designated rental period. Get in touch to schedule a test run!

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