Is It Too Late to Learn How to Ride a Motorcycle?

Cruising down the highway on a motorcycle is typically thought of as a young person’s hobby. After all, once people reach a certain age, they should start spending more time on the golf course than the open road, right?

That couldn’t be further from the truth! Young and old, people of all ages love riding their bikes. Some folks are even learning to ride at an older age as a retirement activity. While there certainly isn’t a limit to the motorcycle riding age in Las Vegas, this post will give you a few things to consider before getting on a bike:

  • Eyesight: Just like with driving a car, riding a motorcycle requires strong vision to see road signs, pedestrians and other vehicles. Anyone who’s getting up there in age and is having trouble seeing should stay off a motorcycle to prevent serious injuries.
  • Balance: Just like with eyesight, our balance often gets worse as we get older. Of course, this is a problem for folks who want to ride a motorcycle! If you have trouble balancing while walking or doing normal everyday activities, we don’t recommend hopping on a bike.
  • Reaction time: As every motorcyclist knows, reaction time is just as important as balance and vision while zooming down the highway. Unfortunately, our reaction time may become slower as we age. Folks who notice a delay in their reaction time may want to see a doctor, and they should definitely stay off a motorcycle.
  • Enjoyment: Riding should be seen as an enjoyable pastime. If you’re not having fun while you ride anymore due to aches or pains caused by the bike, you may have inadvertently passed your ideal motorcycle riding age in Las Vegas. But if you’re still having fun out there and your body doesn’t hurt after a ride, we say ride on!

Health benefits of riding a motorcycle

Not only is learning to ride a motorcycle in Las Vegas at an older age okay, it can actually be beneficial to your health! Here are a few of the top health reasons to get out and start riding:

  • Fresh air: Being cooped up inside all day can be incredibly detrimental to your overall health. Instead of sitting on the couch, get on your motorcycle and get some fresh air. You’re sure to feel rejuvenated after a ride.
  • Physical workout: Unlike most exercises, riding a motorcycle gives your entire body a workout. Your core, arms and legs all get a vigorous workout that helps keep you feeling young.
  • Mental health: The concentration required for riding activates the prefrontal areas of the brain. Riding isn’t just a body workout—it exercises your mind, too. Keep riding and you can help keep your mind sharp.

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