Social Distance with Motorcycle Rides

Being in a pandemic has taken away a lot of our options for recreation and de-stressing. Travel is limited, we have to stay six feet away from people outside of our household and our choices for outdoor recreation are limited. On the other hand, there’s one way to get out of the house, experience nature and have some fun: riding a motorcycle.

Motorcycle riding in Las Vegas, NV is a fun and safe way to get out into the world without fear of illness. As long as you practice good hygiene when you’re off the bike, you can enjoy the open road, companionship and fresh air—and people across the nation are catching on quickly.

Motorcycles are perfect for social distancing

The CDC has stated that if you want to get together with family and friends, being outdoors is the safest place to do so: “If meeting others in person (e.g., at small outdoor gatherings, yard or driveway gathering with a small group of friends or family members), stay at least 6 feet from others who are not from your household.”

If you’ve been itching to get out and have new experiences with your friends and family, yet still want to comply with public health guidelines, a motorcycle ride is ideal. Even if you go out in a group, you will naturally be more than six feet away from each other. Being outdoors makes it harder for the virus to land on surfaces that you may touch, or for you to inhale an infected person’s respiratory droplets.

On top of the fresh air and riding separately, your helmet will also keep your chances of spreading the virus to a minimum, just as long as you remember to wear a mask and wash your hands when you’re off the bike.

If you’re one of the many folks who have found motorcycle rides to be a Zen-like experience, you’ll appreciate the opportunity to get out and see more of the world—all at a safe distance. Although we have to be conscious of our physical health and the health of others, it’s important to look out for our mental health as well. Getting outdoors on a bike gives you some much-needed recreation.

How to socially distance on a motorcycle ride

Here are some simple tips to ensure your ride complies with social distancing guidelines:

  • Wear the right gear: In addition to your helmet and sunglasses, pack a mask, gloves and hand sanitizer in your pockets for when you’re off the bike.
  • Respect social (and motorcycle) distance: When you’re riding, stay at least six feet away from other bikes.
  • Travel in smaller groups: Every state has different regulations regarding how many people can gather at one time, but the smaller your outing, the better. If anyone is feeling sick, they should stay home.

When you’re ready to borrow a bike and hit the open road, Escape Eagles is here to help. Experience social distancing on a motorcycle in Las Vegas, NV when you rent one from us—call us today to start planning your next outing.

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