Why Self-Awareness Is Essential as a Motorcycle Rider

Any motorcyclist must possess a number of motorcycle skills in Las Vegas, NV. From counter-steering to downshifting, there are so many things a motorcycle rider must know to stay safe on the road. Additionally, these essential skills minimize accidents and the potential for injuring other drivers. Most importantly, though, is motorcycle self-awareness in Las Vegas, NV.

How does self-awareness apply to motorcycle riders?

Automobile drivers rarely see motorcycle riders when they are out and about. As some of the smallest motorized vehicles on the road, riders cannot depend on other drivers to see them or even be considerate of their rights or the laws.

Self-awareness is most often attributed to mental wellbeing, and means having an understanding of how you are thinking and feeling. On the road, self or situational awareness equates to knowing exactly what is going on around you. When you are on your motorcycle, you should be constantly scanning for hazards, road signs and other factors that will impact how you ride.

Good judgment improves motorcycle self-awareness in Las Vegas, NV

Sometimes you throw a leg over your bike and you want to push all of your motorcycle skills in Las Vegas, NV to the absolute limit. You want to ride fast and hard to escape the daily monotony of life. However, as a motorcycle rider, you are not only responsible for yourself, but for the people you ride around as well as the overall perception of motorcyclists.

If you choose to ride at 100 mph, take turns sharp and fast, switch lanes with only inches to spare and engage in other dangerous behaviors, you are not demonstrating good judgment. Self-awareness means taking that extra second to determine if it’s actually safe to drive at high speeds or turn when you’d like. Good judgment is the difference between knowing the right way to ride your motorcycle and choosing the fun way to ride.

Decision making and your instincts

This is especially true for motorcycle riders with years of experience: trust your instincts! You know the best way to navigate a large pothole or how to maneuver on a busy street. Tap into those instincts to make decisions while on your ride. While there is absolutely a science to riding safely and well, you also have to tap into and trust your inner self to ride your motorcycle.

Self-awareness as it relates to your love of motorcycles also informs you when it’s time to learn more about your passion. Maybe you need to improve how you ride through mountains or maintain your bike. If you have the self-awareness to know that your skills need to be improved, you’ll take the steps needed to make those adjustments so that you can get back safely enjoying your motorcycle.

As a motorcycle rental company, Escape Eagles understands the importance of finely-honed motorcycle skills in Las Vegas, NV. We encourage our renters to consider motorcycle self-awareness in Las Vegas, NV before jumping on any motorcycle, whether it is one of ours or their own personal bike. Have questions about motorcycle rentals? Give us a call today!

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