Top Gifts for Motorcycle Riders This Holiday Season

It’s hard to believe the winter holiday season has arrived, but it’s already December and people are shopping for motorcycle rider gifts in Las Vegas, NV. Every year, motorcycle riders both want and need a number of items, from essential supplies to fun surprises. For the motorcycle enthusiast on your list this year, shop around for motorcycle holiday gifts in Las Vegas, NV:

  • Leather jacket: Whether you opt for the classic rider style or go with a sleeker racing cut, every motorcyclist can benefit from a brand-new leather jacket to wear on the road. There are so many different types of leather motorcycle jackets, so be sure to find something really unique for the recipient so that he or she will want to wear it year-round.
  • A motorcycle GPS: Designed to affix easily on to motorcycles, this will inspire your favorite rider to embark on new adventures with ease.
  • Custom rider/garage plaque: The internet makes it easy to purchase customized, handcrafted signage to give to your favorite rider. It could be either a plaque just for the rider or one that they hang in their dedicated motorcycle garage. The choice is yours. For the beer-loving motorcyclist, get a plaque with a built-in bottle opener to really wow them.
  • A high-quality disc lock: There’s no feeling worse than having something stolen from you, particularly an item as large and expensive as a motorcycle. Make sure your motorcyclist’s bike never goes missing with a high-quality, durable disc lock.
  • Hand and feet warmers: Riding during the winter is so tough with the colder temperatures and increased wind chill. Ideal stocking stuffers that make for perfect motorcycle holiday gifts in Las Vegas, NV are a selection of hand and feet warmers. They will make those winter rides so much warmer and easier to enjoy.
  • Tool roll: Take motorcycle tools on the road with you with a handy roll. This attaches to the bike so that if any mishaps occur, you can quickly fix them and get back out there.
  • Motorcycle t-shirts: Perfect for wearing underneath a new leather jacket, you can order t-shirts with motorcycle logos, slogans, memes, jokes and designs on them in every size and color. Restock your favorite motorcycle rider’s closet with awesome new t-shirts.
  • Customized biker jewelry: Yes, this even makes a great gift from the manliest rider on your holiday gift list. Necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings are all available with motorcycle detailing to make the pieces that much more special and one of a kind.
  • Motorcycle gloves: An important piece of gear every motorcyclist needs, gloves get worn out and rarely replaced. Buy a high-quality pair for your rider to ensure years of use.
  • Motorcycle care kit: While this gift may not seem particularly fun, it is extremely practical and will be put to good use by the motorcyclist who loves his or her bike.
  • Motorcycle cell phone holder: Make sure your beloved motorcycle rider isn’t fumbling for his or her phone while on the road. A cell phone holder made for motorcycles will help keep them safe while on a ride. Add a Bluetooth headset so your cyclist can connect to his or her cell phone without using their hands.

You likely have some great ideas from the list above, but what’s the absolute BEST gift for the motorcyclist in your life? A motorcycle tour! Booking a tour gives the rider the opportunity to see this amazing country from the comfort of their motorcycle seat.

As you shop around for motorcycle holiday gifts in Las Vegas, NV, contact Escape Eagles to learn more about the motorcycle tours we offer. We can make the holidays extra cheery for the motorcycle rider you love the most. Call us today!

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