Motorcycle Safety: Must-Have Accessories for a Smooth Ride

Are you planning on hitting the road this summer on a motorcycle tour in Las Vegas, NV? Before heading out, make sure you’ve got all the safety equipment you need to be sure your trip will go off without a hitch. More than just your helmet and a leather jacket, you’ll want to bring these must-have accessories with you to ensure you have a smooth ride.

A Bandana

Surprisingly, this affordable accessory is far more than just a fashion statement for motorcycle riders. It actually serves several purposes and can be quite versatile. If you don’t like wearing a full-face helmet, a bandana tied around your face can protect you from dust and pollution so that you aren’t distracted during your ride. Additionally, a bandana can protect your neck or face from the sun if you find that your exposed skin is getting too warm after you’ve been riding for a while.

A Crash Guard

Accidents happen, and a crash guard can protect you and your bike, whether you take a small spill or something more serious. The bar acts as a barrier between the ground and your body. When the bike tips to the side, it’s the first thing to hit the ground, rather than your leg or the side of your bike. The motorcycle can then usually skid along on the crash guard, turning a potentially deadly accident into something you can walk away from.

A Cell Phone Holder

This is especially important if you’re planning a long trip that will require you to use your GPS. A cell phone holder allows you to view the directional map, rather than just listening to directions through Bluetooth. It will definitely come in handy if you’re lost and don’t have anywhere to pull over.

Riding Goggles

When you’re riding at high speeds, you’ll need something over your eyes to ensure you can see. Most people choose to wear riding goggles because, unlike sunglasses, they don’t allow air to seep in through the sides which can be blinding for motorcyclists. This specially made eyewear protects your eyes from both the wind and the sun, ensuring you have ideal visibility during your ride. They also come in a ton of different styles, so you can look great in the process.

A Multi-Tool Kit

Unfortunately, you can’t drag your whole motorcycle tool kit along with you on the road. However, there are pocket-sized tools available that you can bring along with you on your travels and can handle just about any problem you might run into. These kits fit nicely in your saddlebag and can get you back up on your bike after a quick roadside adjustment.

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