Why You Should Visit the Hoover Dam During Your Motorcycle Tour in Las Vegas

One of the most popular tourist destinations in Nevada is the Hoover Dam. Constructed in 1936, the Hoover Dam was the world’s largest electric power generating station and the world’s largest concrete structure of its time. The Hoover Dam is largely considered to be one of the must-visit landmarks in the state (and in the country), and what better way to visit it than on one of our motorcycle tours in Las Vegas?

Riding a motorcycle from the city out to the Hoover Dam is truly an unforgettable experience. The Nevada sunshine and natural appeal you’ll experience while on a motorcycle only add to the marvel of the Hoover Dam. Next time you’re in Las Vegas, here’s why you should stop by Escape Eagles, rent one of our top-quality Harley-Davidson motorcycles and head off to see the Hoover Dam:

  • Proximity to Las Vegas: If you’re renting a motorcycle in Las Vegas, there are very few reasons not to head off to the Hoover Dam, simply because it’s so close! Only a 30-minute drive away, the Hoover Dam makes the perfect day trip to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. If you haven’t visited the dam before, be sure to carve out an afternoon to make the quick trip out and see the engineering marvel.
  • Good stop en route to the Grand Canyon: Many of our clients rent our motorcycles to take tours to the Grand Canyon. Luckily for them, the Hoover Dam is on the way out to Arizona, meaning it makes the perfect stop to get up, stretch your legs and see the sights while you’re there. It also straddles the border of Arizona and Nevada, so you can be in two states at once!
  • Educational and entertaining: The Hoover Dam is quite the educational experience—it’s not simply something to look at. There are many tours available, some of which will even take you inside the dam to get a good look at the generators and learn more about its history, construction and purpose. Touring the Hoover Dam is a good way to fill some space in an afternoon after a long day of riding.
  • Motorcycles give better views: Sure, you could drive or take a bus out to the Hoover Dam, but the sights you’ll get from riding a motorcycle up to the dam are unforgettable. There won’t be people in your way or awkward windows to peek through—riding a motorcycle will give you a clear, 360-degree view of the marvelous sight as you ride all the way up to it.
  • The feeling of riding through Nevada: One of the best parts about taking motorcycle tours in Las Vegas is simply the feeling of riding a motorcycle through the Nevada sunshine and taking in its natural beauty. Speeding down the highway on a powerful Harley-Davidson motorcycle is a feeling like no other, and the road toward the Hoover Dam is quite beautiful, letting you soak in the sights as you arrive at your destination.

At Escape Eagles, we offer self-guided or fully guided motorcycle tours in Las Vegas. Take our rental motorcycles out for one day or multiple days and let us help you plan a trip with our vast knowledge of the local tourism industry. We’ll help you pick a destination and give you the best way to get there and enjoy your time. Call us today!

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