Stay Up to Date on Motorcycle Certification to Enjoy Ownership and Motorcycle Rental in Las Vegas

Much like driving, riding a motorcycle comes with the burden of doing it responsibly. For many riders, this responsibility is multiplied by the fact that most drivers they share the road with are ignorant when it comes to coexisting with riders. While many long-time riders would say that riding defensively is the best course of action, there is another step that starts before your key even makes it into the ignition. It starts by being fully educated about the laws and the safety protocols that differ from state to state, no matter if you enjoy a motorcycle rental in Las Vegas or have your own bike.

There are several ways to keep your motorcycle knowledge up to date—here are a few to get you started:

  • Take a ridership class: Whether you are an “old pro” or a “young gun,” taking a beginner’s class can be the refresher you need to fill the gaps in your knowledge base. Sure, you may know most of what the instructors throw your way, but there is also a chance you will learn something new. Often times, changes in state laws are not well publicized and can lead to getting a ticket you didn’t know you deserved. Taking a refresher course can be a great way to keep tabs on the ever-changing laws in your state.
  • Hit up the DMV: As much as you may hate dealing with your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles, they exist to assist the public with all things vehicle-related. And drawing on their expertise doesn’t always mean standing in a never-ending line. The DMV typically has a wealth of online resources for riders and drivers alike. Worst-case scenario, a rider with a specific question could reach out via phone to make sure their questions are answered completely.
  • Ask a cop: Perhaps nobody has a better grasp on traffic law than the men and women charged with enforcing it. Sometimes, it’s easiest just to ask the professionals when you have a question like, “Is it legal for me to split lanes in this state?” If you are able to track down a motorcycle officer, the chances that they will talk to a fellow rider increase considerably. The worst they can do is tell you they don’t have time to chat, and finding out this way sure beats a traffic citation!
  • Look in less obvious places: The internet is full of forums and websites dedicated to just about any question you can come up with; there will certainly be some about motorcycle laws. Rider forums are a great way to hear about pending legislation, but be careful not to take everything you read as gospel. There will be some sources blowing smoke to feel important or get traffic, so verify what you read through the DMV.

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