GPS and How It Can Help You During Your Motorcycle Rental in Las Vegas

Today’s technology offers multiple benefits to those who take advantage of it. The trick is to understand what it can do for you and exactly how to reap those benefits. When it comes to GPS, this tool can completely transform your experience with motorcycle rentals in Las Vegas.

Some riders assume that, if they have a cell phone, they don’t need a GPS device for their motorcycle. While phones do offer helpful features, adding GPS to your motorcycle offers even more benefits. Don’t miss out on its many advantages:

  • Mapping: First and foremost, the GPS will get you where you need to go. It offers clear mapping and directions to guide you on the best routes to your destination. While you may enjoy a carefree ride through the country with no end point in mind, you’ll be grateful to have a GPS unit to guide you back home at the end of your adventure.
  • Traffic: No one enjoys sitting in traffic. When you’re on your motorcycle rental in Las Vegas, you want to feel the open road and get to your destination on time. A GPS unit can tell you which routes to avoid due to traffic, accidents or other congestion.
  • Bike maintenance: If you thought GPS was only good for directions, think again! Some GPS models are equipped with helpful maintenance tips. It may read tire pressure or calculate the distance you can travel before you need to stop for gas.
  • Gloved usage: Some phones detect your touch through gloves, but not all. If you’re trying to use your mounted mobile device while riding, this could be a problem if you’re wearing gloves. Most motorcycle GPS devices are rider friendly, allowing you to interface with them while geared up for your ride.
  • Durability: Will you be riding in the rain? Do you plan to hit some rough terrain? GPS units for motorcycle rentals in Las Vegas are made with these conditions in mind. You don’t have to worry about losing the unit’s features during wet weather or over bumpy roads.
  • Tour guidance: If you are taking a motorcycle tour in Las Vegas, GPS can help you stay with your group. Simply plug in the route the tour will follow, including any stops you will make, and let it guide your ride.
  • Connectivity: GPS units are typically Bluetooth-enabled. This allows you to stay connected with other riders and access music or other features. This can make your ride much more smooth and enjoyable.
  • Safety: A mounted GPS unit is safer to use while riding than a standard mobile device. You will be less distracted on the road and less likely to have an accident.

Are you ready to ride? To enhance your next trip with technology, consider adding GPS to your motorcycle rental in Las Vegas. You don’t have to be high-tech to reap the benefits. Multiple simple features will help you find your way, stay safe and enjoy a smoother ride. If you have questions about any GPS features, please don’t hesitate to contact the friendly staff at Escape Eagles anytime.

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