Can’t Miss Places on Your Motorcycle Tours in Las Vegas: The Hoover Dam

Are you looking to book a motorcycle tour, but you’re not sure where to go? Motorcycle tours in Las Vegas offer one of a kind touring experiences that bring you up-close and personal with some of the nation’s most historic landmarks, one of them being the Hoover Dam.

The Hoover Dam was constructed in the early 20th century in order to control the vastness and power of the Colorado river and to provide water and hydroelectric power to the, then developing, Southwest. Plans for the dam originated in 1922, when it was proposed as a multipurpose dam that would not only control flooding and irrigation of the Colorado River, but also generate hydroelectric power and to sell to local companies in order to recoup its costs and help the Southwest flourish.

On September 30th 1935, after 45 million pounds of reinforcement steel, 5 million barrels of cement and 6.6 million tons of concrete, President Franklin Roosevelt commemorated the completion of the tallest dam in the world at the time. The completion of the dam fulfilled its prophecy in distributing the once-untamable Colorado River throughout the Southwest and fueled the development of major cities such as Las Vegas, Los Angeles and Phoenix.

In 1985, the dam was honored as a National Historic Landmark and since then, has been recognized as one of the Seven Modern Civil Engineering Wonders. There are about 7 million annual visitors to the dam itself, while the reservoir and Lake Mead area host roughly 10 million more each year. Here are some fun facts that make Hoover Dam so interesting:

  • Hoover Dam is 660ft thick, which can be visualized by imagining the length of two football fields.
  • There is enough concrete in Hoover Dam to build a 4-foot wide sidewalk around the entire Earth!
  • Every state in the United States supplied materials and other supplies to use for the construction of the dam.
  • More than 8.5 million pounds of dynamite was used to blast the foundation for the dam.

So why is this a great destination for your motorcycle tours in Las Vegas?

Riding your motorcycle through the Hoover Dam and the surrounding areas is a one of a kind experience because riding a motorcycle is like sitting in a 360 degree movie theatre. You’re surrounded but the vastness of the Dam and feel as though you’re one with it.

Riding a motorcycle also allows you to have more of a clean and open line of sight to everything. You don’t have other people in your way like on a bus and you don’t have to worry about stopping a big car if you want to stop and take a look around. A motorcycle gives you the freedom and ability to stop when you want and quick hop off and back on so you can take your time and really enjoy everything.

Book your motorcycle tour today and see the Hoover Dam up close and personal.

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