Ettina and Willem May 1, 2015

"We got married at the drive thru window of the little white chapel on the red Gold Wing GL 1800 (see photo website). Great experience! Fabulous day, fabulous people, fabulous bike and a fabulous tour (even though it was way to hot to drive, 108F in the shade)."
Jürgen May 1, 2015

"Hello Viktor and Stefan, thanks a lot for this fabulous hours out on your bikes. Superb scenery rides nearby with very nice bikes in excellent condition. Service was outstanding for reasonable rates. Don't miss to have a few pitchers at the biker party at D's. Thanks a lot, hope to be back soon, Jürgen & Aircrew from Germany"
Joey Mercado May 1, 2015

"Hey Viktor and Stefan: Thanks for your kind service and unbeatable rental prices! I had the Fat Boy only for a few hours but what an experience! See you guys again in March '11! Best always, Joey"
Corey Care May 1, 2015

"My cousin and I rented a Road King and a Heritage Softail in October '10. We were very surprised to find out that both bikes were 5 days old!!! The whole experience was fantastic, great service and friendly people...will be back in Feb '11...can't wait"
Oliver Temmler May 1, 2015

"Hey there, I wonder if this really is your store's email address… Just found a few photos from my last year's work trip to Las Vegas and wanted you to have this nice picture of, I believe the bike named KITT. I really enjoyed my little trip, having my eyes going dry on Hwy 15; getting some tips from an old motorcyclist during a break at the Moapa Paiute gas station; surfing down the turns towards the Valley of Fire State Park; longing for water after hiking to Mouse's Tank; almost being blown off the bike going back the Northshore Road against some heavy wind; learning about a V-Rod's off-road capabilities on a few long stretches of road construction along the way; utilizing the bike's low profile stealth parking features to snap a few pictures of Hoover Dam from afar; racing the quarter miles of Boulder Hwy 582 back into the city; having the colleagues hate me a little when I pulled up at a dinner location they had to go to by cab; being a little sad for having to call it a day and even feeling that little heart-break when I had to return the bike the next morning. I may be back in April to work at the NAB show. Would be nice to take one of your rides out for a spin again. Best regards, Oliver"
Teri K May 1, 2015

"Hello Connie!!! Just stopping in to say hello! Hi! Nothing like Riding Vegas and beyond, starting off on a Heritage Softwing and finishing on a Goldwing, especially when the temp dips to 27degrees! Even though the weather was cold, we were totally HOT!! : ) We absolutely enjoyed meeting you, love your energy, and the energy of Escape Eagles, and are coming back for more! xo, Peace, Teri & Brian"