Lance & Darlene Wills May 1, 2015

"Awesome Experience! My wife and I were in Vegas for our 6 years anniversary. We had experienced the bright ligths of the strip and decided to take a romantic Harley ride through Red Rock Canyon and up to Mr. Charleston. The Venetian recommended that I contact Escpae Eagles. Being a traffic cop in Alabama I'm very picky about the bikes I ride, especially with my wife onboard with me. The recommendation couldn't have been more PERFECT. The Electra Glide Classic was in perfect condition and handled just like my own! The only thins I missed were the siren and blue lights in the Vegas traffic!! ha ha Rent one and Viktor will show you where to go! sit back and enjoy the ride! when you return, the "out of order" coke machine will be waiting for you! Lance & Darlene Willis, Tuscaloosa, Alabame Thursday, September 13th 2007 - 08:41:43 AM"
Mark Penn May 1, 2015

"A very special Thanks to Escape Eagles and Victor for making our trip to VEGAS one that will not be forgotten. We were a group of 7 from Maryland and WE ALL had the time of our lives. We took a sunset trip to Red Rock Canyon and up early the next day to the Valley of Fire. AMAZING Sites.... Thanks Victor and the rest of the team at Escape Eagles..."
Rick Hinson May 1, 2015

"Tom, We made it back to Tennessee after experiencing a wonderful vacation thanks to you. From your place we traveled to Williams, Grand Canyon, valley of fire, the painted desert, Red Rock and Sedona. That area was all you said, and more. Having never been out west, it surpassed our pre-conceived notions of what to expect. My sister-in-law asked what it was like being a new grandfather. I said, "It's like seeing the Grand Canyon, you just have to experience it, you really can't explain what it's like." Our experience with you and the bikes was truly one of the highlights of our trip. However, we did have another memorable experience. Somewhere between Williams and the Grand Canyon we stopped along Hwy. 64 for me to collect some souvenir wood to make some pens from. I stepped on a rock that shifted under my right foot and I broke my foot in two places. I brought home crutches and an x-ray CD as souvenirs from the Grand Canyon Clinic. I have to stay off my foot for a month or will probably have to have surgery. I go to therapy today @ 2:30. No driving or riding. I tell you all this to let you know that it will be awhile before I can send you your shirt and patches. My son is going to check with his friend, Tom, who owns Greene's Military and Law Supply for any extra patches he can talk him out of. My son appreciated his shirt and wore it on a stake-out last night. If you would like to visit our website it's: sgcustomcycles We need to update it, but it should give you an overview of the operation. If you're back in the area, please stop by. We'll give you the 50 cent tour. Thanks again, Tom. Respectfully, Bear"
Rüdiger Blume May 1, 2015

"Hallo Victor, ich habe Dir heute per Post eine Dia-Show über unser Reise im Juni07 mit Deinen gut geplegten GoldWings zugepostet. Ich hoffe es gefällt Dir. Grüsse Rüdiger aus Braunschweig"
wacki May 1, 2015

"hallo victor ich soll dich grüssen von freunden aus gränichen hättest du noch ein bike auf nächsten april für das river run gruss wacki wir kommen dich besuchen sollen wir dir etas bringen"
wacki May 1, 2015

"sali victor ich soll dich grüssen von freunden aus gränichen hättest du noch ein bike auf nächsten april gruss wacki"