Will Nash April 11, 2018

Will Nash | 2018-04-10 16:46:50

"If you like great equipment that is well maintained and a no BS, no surprises approach, you will want to rent your bike here. I was turned off by the Harley dealer on the strip and came over here and I am glad I did."
Mitchell Johnson April 5, 2018

3 days of glory!

"We rented a Soft Tail for 3 days. Bike was in great condition. Employees were friendly and knowledgeable. The owner met us on Easter Sunday for the bike return. Ride the Valley of Fire, check out Red Rock Canyon, Mt. Charleston and Great Basin Highway. For an extra treat, go to the abandoned mining town of Mason in Eldorado Canyon. A great ride and an antique extravaganza. Would definitely ride with Escape Eagles again! Top Notch!"
Katie Forbes April 2, 2018

I'll Be Back

"I'm so glad I chose Escape Eagles for my rental. Other companies that I reviewed had a lot of different fees and tiers and Escape Eagles is just so much more straightforward. The process is easy and straightforward. Ralph was so helpful and supportive and he's great to work with. One fee takes care of the bike, helmet, gloves and goggles. He takes care to ensure you are familiar with the bike (I'd never ridden a Harley so this was helpful). I had a great ride - no worries at all. I won't consider renting anywhere else. Can't wait to return to Las Vegas and ride again! :)"
Wayne Marklund March 14, 2018

"I will say that escape eagles was the most pleasant rental experience for a Harley that I have encountered, I was referred by 3 local bikers on the strip to rent from Ralph. the price was fair, and the service great!! Ralph re-adjusted the highway pegs before I hit the road at no extra charge !!! had my own gear , they offer gear at no charge. the best part? NO HIDDEN fees... straight shooters, I will be back !!!"
Ron Dee February 2, 2018

Winter Meeting rides!

"We had a great ride and your pointers for the areas that we went to were right on. The bikes all worked well without a problem in the whole group. We would not be treated better or get better rates anywhere else for sure. 800 miles over 3 days and a blast of a time. I was quite thankful for the heated grips on the Ultra that I had as well. Thanks again and I for sure will be renting from you next year when we come back to Vegas."
scott deblaey November 21, 2017

scott deblaey | 2017-11-17 03:55:58

"we rented a wing for a week April 2017. 3 states and 2300 miles later....I am still smiling. I will be back this spring. I trust Ralph. "