Cold Weather Essentials To Keep You Riding This Winter

Motorcycles are a great means of transportation; during the warmer months, they can be incredibly fun. That being said, as winter approaches, many riders are simply not ready to put their bikes away. For those who still want to ride, even when temperatures start to drop, cold weather motorcycle gear can make riding even in lower temps possible.

Winter Motorcycle Gear

The first essential you need to figure out is your jacket. With a motorcycle, you need to keep a good range of motion to respond and move quickly while riding. This means that a huge winter coat will likely not be your best bet. Your best option is wearing multiple thin layers to help trap the heat instead of using one larger layer that can restrict your range of motion.

Using wool as your base layer will help keep you from sweating but still help trap the heat. You then need to find a great middle layer; microfleece is a great option for this. If you are riding in subzero or very cold temperatures, it is best to look for something that will be very tight to the skin so that it does not add a ton of extra bulk. You then want to consider an outer shell layer. This should be waterproof to keep the water out and help ensure you stay dry and warm.

Winter Accessories

You also need to consider other items that will keep you warm. Gloves to protect the hands are a must. A hat is necessary if you are not wearing a helmet, glasses, or a visor to protect the face. With warmer weather, windburn is not as painful and is not likely to cause as much damage. With very cold winds, you can get frostbite and easily damage your skin.

When you go out riding during the winter or even during the colder fall days, you do need to check the temperatures for the entire duration of the ride. If you intend to be out for a very long time, you need to check the temps during your rides to ensure you bring the right gear to keep you safe and warm the entire time you are out.

Riding during the cooler months can be just as fun as riding during the summer; you just have to dress for it. Just because winter is coming does not mean you must put up your bike. The right gear can make riding nearly all year possible and very fun.