Is the Harley Sportster 883 a Good Bike for Beginners?

The Harley Sportster 883 is a beautiful and popular motorcycle. Many people love its sleek design and simplicity—but is the Harley Sportster a good first bike?

While there are many advantages to the Harley Sportster 883, its disadvantages might be enough to turn some people away. For example, its heavy weight is a big problem for many people, especially beginners.

Read on if you’re considering the Harley Sportster 883 as your first bike. We cover everything you need to know about the bike so you can make the right decision.

Harley Sportster 883 pros

The Harley Sportster 883 can be a good first bike for many reasons. For one, it’s not as powerful as many other beginner bikes, meaning you may not have a hard time braking. Braking is one of the hardest things for new riders to get used to. You can make things much easier on yourself when starting out by picking a less powerful bike.

It’s often hard for beginners to learn on bikes with high seats. Thankfully, the Harley Sportster 883 features a low seat, which many beginners find much more comfortable.

While some people consider the Harley Sportster’s weight a bad thing, heavier bikes often have better stability in sweeping bends.

Other great things about the Harley Sportster 883 include its simplicity and low-down torque. Most beginners won’t have a hard time figuring out the controls on a Harley Sportster 883.

Harley Sportster 883 cons

If you’re considering the Harley Sportster 883 as a first bike, you might be sad to know it has almost as many disadvantages as advantages. As mentioned above, the bike’s weight is a big problem for many people. This weight makes the bike a bit hard to handle, especially for beginners. Heavier bikes are usually also less fuel-efficient and have a harder time gaining acceleration.

Another problem with the Harley Sportster 883 is its brakes. The subpar brakes on the Harley Sportster make emergency braking difficult, which could spell disaster in certain situations. Thankfully, the bike’s heaviness makes normal braking a bit easier.

The Sportster 883 shares a problem with most Harley’s in that you can drive it with the steering locked—and if you start driving without realizing your steering is locked in one direction, you could end up crashing on the side of the road. If you do buy a Harley as your first bike, we suggest putting a visual reminder to unlock your steering before starting up the bike.

How much does it cost?

As with most bikes, a Harley Sportster 883 can range greatly in cost. On average, these bikes cost around $10,000. Before making a purchase, be sure to do your research on the dealer, and consider having an experienced rider take a look at the bike with you.

Rent before you buy

As you can see, there are many reasons why a Harley Sportster 883 can be a good first bike. If you’re still on the fence, consider renting a beautiful Harley from Escape Eagles in Las Vegas to see what you think.

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