Things to Keep in Mind Before Renting a Motorcycle

Are you getting ready to cruise the country’s roads on two wheels? If you don’t own your own motorcycle, or if you can’t bring your usual ride on your trip, renting a motorcycle is affordable and convenient, but there are some important things you should know before you book your ride. Here’s a list of tips for renting a motorcycle.

Licensing requirements

One of the most important motorcycle tips is to be aware of licensing requirements. You need a valid two-wheeler license to operate a motorcycle, whether you’re renting it or you own it. Any reputable motorcycle rental company will ask you for your license before approving your rental.

Return policies

As you’re planning to book your motorcycle rental, consider whether you’re making a round-trip journey or a one-way trip. Most rental companies require you to return the bike to its original location. If you’re riding locally, this won’t be an issue, but if you’re taking an extended trip from coast to coast, make sure you understand the return policy before booking your rental.

Motorcycle types

Be realistic about your needs as you consider what type of motorcycle to rent. You need to consider how many days you’ll have the bike, where you’re driving it, what kind of weather conditions you’ll face on your trip and what luggage capacity you need. A touring bike with enhanced weather protection and extended luggage capacity is best for long-distance trips, while a city bike is fine for short trips or local driving.

Insurance considerations

No matter what state you’ll be heading to on your motorcycle, you need to hold liability insurance at a minimum. This insurance is required by law, protecting you in the event you injure someone else or cause damage to property while operating a motorcycle.

It’s also wise to invest in supplemental insurance or comprehensive coverage. These policies cover you in case of damage to your rental bike or your property.

Contract considerations

Once you’ve found the right motorcycle rental company and bike for your needs, take a good look at the rental contract before signing. There are plenty of details to look for, and they can often cost you the most. Many rental companies will indicate whether the gas tank should be full when you’re returning the rental, as well as other requirements that could put you at risk for hefty fees if you’re not paying attention.

Test drive

Your rental company should perform an inspection of the bike with you before you leave the premises. They’ll help you understand the location of important components and any other relevant information you need to know to operate the motorcycle safely. And don’t forget one of the most basic motorcycle tips: take a test drive before you leave. If there are any problems or you don’t feel completely comfortable, shop around for a better option.

For more tips for renting a motorcycle, or to book your rental, contact Escape Eagles today. We’ll help you select the right model for your needs and get you out on the open road in no time.

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