Tips on How to Drive a Motorcycle in the Rain

Just because the weather is changing doesn’t mean that there aren’t still great opportunities to hit the open road on a motorcycle. Rainy weather can present a challenge for riders who aren’t used to wet road conditions, but it’s possible to ride a motorcycle safely in rainy weather by making a few simple adjustments. Keep reading for some tips for driving motorcycles in the rain.

Riding motorcycles in the rain: Our top tips

The rain can present a lot of challenges for motorcyclists, especially for those who don’t have a lot of experience driving in rainy conditions. The good news is that there are plenty of upsides to hitting the road in the rain—including getting the opportunity to experience scenery in a new light—and it’s possible to do it safely by putting a few simple tips into practice. Here are some of the best tips for driving motorcycles in the rain:

  • Wear the right gear: One of the most important things to do before riding a motorcycle in the rain is to make sure you’re equipped with the right gear. When it’s rainy outside, visibility tends to be lower, and that makes it much more difficult for drivers on the road to see motorcycles. To keep yourself safe, make sure to wear highly reflective gear that will ensure you’re visible to other motorists on the road.
  • Give yourself extra time for braking: In ideal weather conditions, motorcycle riders can bring a motorcycle from highway speeds to a stop in just a few seconds, but the time required to stop a motorcycle can increase significantly when conditions on the road aren’t as favorable. With that in mind, make sure to give yourself more time than usual for braking.
  • Go easy on transitions: Another one of the best tips for driving motorcycles in the rain is to ease into transitions between acceleration and braking. Instead of hitting the brakes or the accelerator suddenly, ease into it to give the bike plenty of time to transition. Braking and accelerating too rapidly can increase the risk that you will lose control of your motorcycle and wind up skidding or getting into an accident.
  • Take advantage of dry lines on the road: When cars drive in the rain, they often leave dry tire tracks behind them. Take advantage of dry lines on the road to maintain the best contact and traction possible between your motorcycle’s tires and the pavement.

Motorcycle rentals and tours

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