How to Survive the Heat on Your Summer Motorcycle Trip

Summer is one of the best seasons to go for a bike ride. But there’s one problem: It gets scorching hot in the desert. Thankfully, there are a few things you can do to beat the heat during your motorcycle trip in summer.

Continue reading to learn a few things you can do to stay safe and comfortable while you’re out on the road this season.

Watch for signs of heat exhaustion

Heat exhaustion is a form of mild shock and can be fatal in some situations. A few signs to look out for include cramps, nausea, headaches, extreme fatigue, flushed or pale skin, dizziness and heavy sweating. If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, pull over right away.

Try to find some shade, continue drinking water and cool down for as long as it takes for these symptoms to go away. Getting back on the bike if you’re still feeling ill can be a deadly mistake.

Bring more water than you think you’ll need

Water doesn’t just keep you cool and prevent you from feeling thirsty—it also cushions your organs and keeps your joints working properly. It might sound a little extreme, but try to drink at least one liter of water every hour.

Keep in mind that one of the first signs of dehydration is feeling thirsty. So even if you’re not thirsty, keep drinking your water.

Take frequent stops

Another tip for surviving heat on a motorcycle is pulling over as frequently as you can. While planning your route, look for roads with gas stations or rest stops no more than a half hour apart. Though your ride might take longer, pull over and cool off at every rest stop you can.

Even a quick stop to cool off allows you to travel for an extra 45 minutes or so without feeling uncomfortably hot.

Dress appropriately

You might get hot while riding with a helmet, jacket, gloves, long pants and boots, but it’s essential for riding during the summer months. Unprotected areas of your skin are susceptible to wicked sunburns, and they allow sweat to evaporate faster, leading to dehydration.

A great tip for surviving heat on a motorcycle is to invest in ventilated gear that’ll protect your skin while keeping you a bit cooler on your ride.

Purchase a cooling vest

Along with your ventilated gear, we advise buying a cooling vest and wearing it under your jacket. A cooling vest is a vest filled with tiny, water-retaining beads. All you need to do is soak the vest in water, shake off the excess drops and toss it on. You’ll instantly feel cooler and stay more comfortable during your ride.

Now’s the time to book your motorcycle adventure

There’s still plenty of time left to book your motorcycle trip in summer. If you’re ready to get out there and enjoy the open road, then come down to Escape Eagles. We offer all-inclusive pricing for single or multiday rentals. Contact our team today to book your bike.

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