Spring Is Here! Make Sure Your Motorcycle Is Ready for Perfect Riding Weather

With perfect spring weather here, there’s no better time to get out on the road. If your bike has been in the garage for the last few months, it’s important to do some motorcycle riding season prep before your next adventure in Las Vegas, NV. Read on to learn how to get your motorcycle ready for riding season:

  • Give it a once-over: Before you do anything on your bike, it’s important to know what kind of condition it’s in. Give your bike a once-over and note any places of concern so you can tell your repair shop about them. They’ll likely find other trouble spots, but it never hurts to draw attention to problem areas.
  • Schedule your service appointments and inspections: Next, schedule any service appointments and inspections your bike needs. It’s best to do this well in advance, since appointments tend to fill up as soon as the weather starts getting warmer. Think of the acronym T-CLOCS: tires, controls, lights and electronics, oil and other fluids, chassis and stand. These are the main areas of concern. While you should inspect them before every ride, your motorcycle repair shop will go over each part to ensure your bike is ready to ride.
  • Consider updating your skills with a class: If it’s been a while since your last ride, you might consider taking a skills class before any major trips. Motorcycle riding takes a much different skill set than driving a car. Consider brushing up on your braking, steering and counter-steering practices, as well as the process of scanning for hazards.
  • Check your helmet: Next, it’s time to check out your gear. Make sure your helmet is in good shape. Check the manufacturing date—most helmets are good for about seven years after the manufacturing date, so if it’s getting close, it’s probably best to replace it. Over time, the liner loses effectiveness, even if you haven’t been in any accidents.
  • Make sure you have the right eye protection: If you’re not using a full-face helmet, you’ll need eye protection. Check out your local motorcycle shop to see what kind of eye protection they offer—there’s sure to be an option for your individual requirements.
  • Inspect your boots: Your boots also need a good once-over. There shouldn’t be excessive wear on the toes, soles or heels—otherwise, your feet won’t be protected, and they probably won’t be as comfortable as you’d like.
  • Think about getting a motorcycle communication system: Finally, think about a communication system for your group. In addition to hand signals and schedules, you need ways to get messages out to the group while you’re riding. Electronic communication systems are a great way to keep connected.

Don’t have a motorcycle of your own? Rent one from Escape Eagles today. We’ll do the work of getting your rental motorcycle ready for spring in Las Vegas, NV, so all you have to do is enjoy the call of the open road. Call us today to learn more or book your rental.

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