Trends in Motorcycling in 2020

As a new decade begins, many look back on the past to learn from mistakes and build upon accomplishments to improve the sport, engineering and artform of motorcycles. Every year, there are both good and bad trends that capture people’s attention and money as they are wowed by shiny new upgrades and cutting-edge technology. As the premier provider of motorbike rental in Las Vegas, many motorcycling enthusiasts come to us with their questions about motorcycling trends. Read on to learn about some of the big ones!

An uptick in versatile bikes

Last year, we saw continued growth with ADV, dual-sport and other adventure motorcycles. In 2020, these bikes now make up 30 percent of the motorcycles sold in the United States. It’s understandable why people love these bikes—they take them places regular motorcycles can’t go, allowing riders to really embrace their adventurous spirits.

Offering motorbike rental in Las Vegas, we receive a lot of requests for ADV, dual-sport and dirt bikes, and we don’t see this trend dying down anytime soon. Particularly here in the Entertainment Capital of the World, there’s so much to see outside of the city limits, such as the Valley of Fire, Mount Charleston and Red Rock Canyon, which are perfect destinations for adventure bikes.

Affordable adventure bikes

One of the main reasons we’re seeing more adventure bikes on the road is because manufacturers are finally making more of them at affordable price points. Now that more people can fit these luxuries into their budgets, increased numbers of riders are enjoying the fun of off-roading, dirt biking and other adventure sports. Reasonably-priced adventure bikes are an important trend because they provide people the option to invest in these vehicles and embark on journeys they never thought possible before.

Tubeless tires on spoked wheels

Once reserved for the more expensive models of motorcycles, we’re starting to see manufacturers offering tubeless tires on spoked wheels for less-costly bikes. For motorcycle enthusiasts, tubeless tires mean not having to spend 30 to 60 minutes if and when a tube is blown while you’re on a ride. Yes, tubeless tires are more expensive, but they’re well worth the investment if you don’t want to waste time dealing with this issue when you’re on the road.

Better lighting is standard

Lighting technology has advanced to the point where the availability and cost of LED lights have made it possible for these lights to be the standard on motorcycles. Not only do they look cleaner and sleeker, but they better illuminate the road ahead when compared to their incandescent counterparts. From the highest end of luxury bikes to basic models for beginners, all of these motorcycles come straight from the factory equipped with LED and DRL lights.

When it comes to motorbike rental in Las Vegas, Escape Eagles is your best option. Our trustworthy team of motorcycle experts can help match you with the right bike for whatever you want to do while you’re in Sin City, whether it’s touring the Hoover Dam or cruising around town checking out the casinos, restaurants and attractions. We offer top-of-the-line rentals to make your Las Vegas trip as memorable and one-of-a-kind as possible. Call us today to make your reservations.

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