Reduce Road Congestion with a Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Rental in Las Vegas

Nobody likes to be stuck in traffic—least of all when you are on a vacation or trying to enjoy a getaway. Most people who live in large cities or have spent time near major city centers know the frustration of gridlocked traffic. Not only is it a tremendous waste of time, it is also a significant waste of fuel. Most people know that one way to combat the irritating occurrence of traffic congestion is to find alternative modes of transportation, but it may come as a surprise to you to know that motorcycles may actually provide a beneficial alternative to cars. Find out more about how motorcycle usage can help offset traffic congestion and wasted emissions, and consider a Harley-Davidson motorcycle rental the next time you need to get around Las Vegas.

The data on motorcycle commuting

The benefits of offsetting traffic with motorcycle usage have been demonstrated notably in a Belgian study conducted in 2011. The study looked at a stretch of road where a percentage of the cars were replaced with motorcycles for the purpose of determining the kind of impact this kind of transportation replacement would have on congestion and emissions. The test found that replacing even 10 percent of the cars on the road with motorcycles had dramatic effects on several factors. For one thing, this switch decreased delays in travel time by 40 percent for the vehicles on the road. Additionally, the switch decreased overall emissions by 6 percent. The decrease in emissions is partially attributed to the increased efficiency of motorcycles, but it can also be connected to the reduction of time spent on the road by commuters.

When a quarter of the cars on the road were replaced by motorcycles, the results were even more favorable. In fact, a 25 percent shift to motorcycles completely eliminated congestion on the road. These results are staggering considering the fact that traffic congestion is such a rampant problem throughout the world. With less time spent commuting, less fuel wasted in traffic and fewer emissions being released into the atmosphere, what is there not to like about employing motorcycle commuting? Getting a Harley-Davidson motorcycle rental in Las Vegas instead of renting a car can help alleviate congestion in the city. In addition, you get to enjoy the freedom and fun of riding a Harley in and around Nevada.

Learn more about Harley-Davidson motorcycle rental in Las Vegas

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